Career Services Works with Faculty

Here at Career Services, we fully recognize that your impact on students goes far beyond academics. We are excited to partner with you to promote student’s development and are happy to offer you the following:

  • Don’t Cancel That Class - Anytime you are about to cancel a class (whether expected of unexpected), contact us and we provide your class with a presentation on a career topic.
  • Classroom Visits - Looking to supplement your course material with a guest presentation and information on professionalism, job searching, graduate school, social media, Handshake® Job Search Platform or other career topics? Contact Career Services and we will create a presentation that is tailored to suit the needs of your class.
  • Events as Extra Credit Opportunities - Offer your students opportunities to earn extra credit or make up a class by attending Career Services events, workshops or webinars. We will confirm their attendance for you!
  • Career Assignments – Watching an informational interview on Candid Career, creating a profile on Handshake, and making connections on LinkedIn are just a few of the many career activities that can be turned into great assignments. Contact Kate for more information.
  • A Handshake Account and Access to the Career Services Resources Group on MS Teams – Contact Kate to access these resources and view all that is available to students.
  • Sharing Job/Internship Opportunities – Send Career Services any job or internship opportunities you come across and we will post it to Handshake for Cazenovia College students and alumni to access
  • Internship Workflow and Paperwork – Contact us if you need clarification on internship workflow and paperwork or have a question regarding a student’s internship.