At the beginning of the semester, new students consult with assigned academic advisers regarding their academic schedules. Advisers assist students in designing programs of study that will satisfy student interests while meeting academic requirements.During students’ four years at Cazenovia, academic advisers do more than assist students in scheduling classes. Advisers identify potentially valuable educational experiences for their advisees, suggest opportunities for educational and professional growth, and serve as guides to all available College resources that will benefit students’ personal and academic growth. Adviser/advisee relationships evolve as students’ needs change over the course of their years at the College.

The relationship between advisers and advisees stems from Cazenovia’s declared mission of actively engaging students in learning. Advisers work with their advisees toward fulfilling the following objectives in cooperation with faculty and staff across the campus:
  • Growth of students' skills and knowledge both within their chosen major and the College’s general education program;
  • Increased student maturity and self-confidence;
  • Enhanced capacity for independent, self-sustained learning; and
  • Identification and clarification of personal, educational and career goals. 
The Enrollment Services Center assigns advisers. Students may change advisers by completing a change form, obtained from the Enrollment Services Center. This form must be returned to the Enrollment Services Center and approved by the registrar prior to any official change of adviser.