Second Degrees
Students may pursue a second degree with the approval of the vice president for Academic Affairs.  Students seeking a second associate or baccalaureate degree must earn a minimum of 30 credit hours beyond the credit hours counted toward the previous degree. Students are expected to meet both the specific major requirements of the degree and any All-College requirements, even if this requires more than 30 academic credit hours.

In addition:
  • Students interested in pursuing a second degree must consult with the appropriate program director before taking courses applicable to that degree;
  • At least 24 academic credit hours applicable to the second degree must be earned through Cazenovia College;
  • If pursuit of the second degree follows continuously from the first degree (i.e. there is no break in residence between award of the first degree and work on the second degree), the student is obligated to meet all academic requirements in force in the year of beginning the second degree;
    • Where there is substantial overlap in the major requirements of the two degrees (for example, 15 or fewer credit hours of unique work to complete the second major), the student must define, with the appropriate program director, the 30 academic credits of coursework necessary to earn the second degree; and
    • If an internship is required in the second degree, it must be completed satisfactorily regardless of whether an internship was required for the first degree.