At a Glance

(BA) Bachelor of Arts
120 Total Credits
39 General Education Credits
51 Program Courses
30 Elective Credits

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies is focused on human communication in spoken, written, and audio-visual forms, and the exploration of why people communicate as they do in various contexts. This field of study encompasses interpersonal, group, and organizational communication; multicultural communication; journalism; broadcasting; media studies; persuasion; advocacy and debate; and effective speaking. The program includes course work in each of these areas along with opportunities for application of skills in journalism, multi-platform media production, independent academic research, and related internships. Our objective is to provide a flexible degree option for students who seek a range of career opportunities, as well as an excellent foundation for graduate student in communication, media, public policy and law.

Our goal is for all graduates in the Communication Studies program to:

  • Speak, listen and demonstrate empathy well in a variety of communication contexts.
  • Produce excellent written work.
  • Advocate in an effective and informed manner before both large and small groups.
  • Understand and apply human communication theory to interpersonal, group, organizational, and public settings.
  • Critically examine communication and media content.
  • Be competent to produce a variety of mass-media forms.


Course (Credits)
See Degree Requirements: General Education requirements (33)
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy:
     HU/SB 375 Methods of Inquiry (3)
Senior Capstone: HU 499 Capstone Seminar in the Humanities (3)
Total General Education Credits - 39

Art & Sciences Courses 
   Course (Credits)
   CM 110 Introduction to Human Communication (3)
   HU 165 Critical Thinking: Language and Logic (3)
   CM 210 Interpersonal Communication (3)
   CM 220/230/240 Small Group Communication OR Nonverbal Communication OR
   Multicultural Communication(3)
   CM 231 Introduction to Journalism (3)
   CM 302 Communication Theory (3)
   EN 312 Advanced Composition (3) OR a literature course at the 300/400 level
   CM 313 Debate (3)
   CM 320 Communication in the Mass Media (3)
   CM 3__/4__ electives (9)*
   CM 440 Advanced Topics in Communication (3)
   HU 465 Ethical Issues in Organizations (3)
Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits - 42


Career Courses
   Course (Credits)
   CM 211 Introduction to Broadcasting (3)
Select two of the following courses:
   CM 331 Feature Writing and Editing (3)
   CM 341 Intermediate Broadcast Production (3)
   CM 441 Media Management (3)
Total Career Program Credits - 9

*Three of these credits may be taken as a 300/400 level career-studies CM course.

Arts and Sciences Electives 
   Course (Credits)
   100-400 level (15)
Total Arts & Sciences Elective Credits - 15

Open Electives 
   Course (Credits)
   100-400 level (15)
Total Open Elective Credits - 15