At a Glance

(BA) Bachelor of Arts
120 Total Credits
General Education Credits 39
Program Credits 57
Elective Credits 24

The Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Studies program provides students with the tools they need to enter into a career in the expanding field of law enforcement and homeland security, or to pursue a graduate degree or attend law school. This Bachelor of Science degree program has a rigorous curriculum taught by dedicated faculty uniquely qualified in their academic disciplines. The program is designed to educate students to be critical thinkers who communicate effectively, and who act in an ethical manner.

    Develop an understanding of:

    • The various components and processes of the criminal justice system;
    • The role of the various justice and law enforcement agencies involved in homeland security;
    • How the criminal justice system responds to threats and crises;
    • International and domestic terrorism and how to respond to and prevent terroristic action;
    • The purpose and practice of law;
    • The theories of crime and criminal behavior and how they have influenced policy and procedure within the criminal justice system;
    • The ethical and moral issues inherent in the criminal justice system; and
    • Critical thinking, written and oral communication skills necessary for careers in the field

    Cazenovia College offers students the opportunity to earn a dual degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. The dual major in Psychology and Criminal Justice is designed for students who are interested pursuing graduate study in forensic psychology, or students who want an enhanced educational background in psychology and criminal justice. 

    Students will participate in an internship in the career path of their choice, such as, criminal justice, homeland security, law, youth/juvenile delinquency, private investigation, or probation and parole. Internships allow students to assess their interest and apply their classroom knowledge in an area of their choice. Students are responsible for finding their internship site, with the assistance of the program director and cooperating agencies.
    Private Security                       Youth Counselor
    Law and Courts                       Insurance Investigator
    Lawyer                                   Private Investigator
    Judge                                     Private Security Officer
    Bailiff                                     Loss Prevention Specialist
    Paralegal                                Pretrial Services Officer
    Law Enforcement                     Corrections
    FBI                                        Warden
    US Marshal                             Parole Officer
    Drug Enforcement Admin.        Correctional Counselor
    Police Officer/Detective           Community Corrections
    US Customs                           Community Caseworker
    Sheriff                                   Probation Officer

       Course (Credits) 
       See Degree Requirements: General Education requirements (33) 
       Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy: 
          SB 375 Methods of Inquiry (3) 
       Senior Capstone: CJ 499 Senior Capstone (3)
    Total General Education Credits - 39

    Art & Sciences Courses 
       Course (Credits) 
       PS 120 Introduction to Psychology (3) 
       SB 110/130 Introduction to Anthropology or Introduction to Sociology (3) 
       HG 130/131/132 Introduction to Economics or Macroeconomics or Microeconomics (3) 
       HG 141/143 Government and Politics of U.S. or State & Local Govt. (3) 
       SB 231/335/250 Social Problems, Comparative Social Institutions, or Cultural Geography (3) 
       SM 261 Statistics (3) 
       SB 301/333/380/401 The U.S. and the World, Human Rights and Genocide, Contemporary Slavery in World, or World Cultures and Societies (3)
    Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits - 21

    Career Courses 
       Course (Credits) 
       CJ 151 Introduction to Criminal Justice and Homeland Security (3) 
       CJ 152/251 Juvenile Delinquency, or Corrections and Alternatives (3) 
       CJ 252/360 Crime Scene Investigation, or Financing Terrorism Investigation (3) 
       CJ 253 Criminal Law and Procedure (3) 
       CJ 351 Criminal Justice Process (3) 
       CJ 354 Policing in America (3) 
       CJ 357/358 or BU 363 Constitutional Law /International Law or Business Law and Ethics (3) 
       CJ 255 Terrorism and Homeland Security (3) 
       CJ 341/SB 344 Criminology (3) 
       CJ 358 Ethical Issues in CJHS (3) 
       CJ 298/398/498 Criminal Justice Internship (3) 
       AC 110 Fund. of Accounting (3)
    Total Career Program Credits - 36

    Arts and Sciences Electives 
       Course (Credits) 
       100-400 level (3)
    Total Arts & Sciences Elective Credits - 3

    Open Electives 
       Course (Credits) 
       100-400 level (9) 
       300/400 level (12)
    Total Open Elective Credits - 21