At a Glance

(BA) Bachelor of Arts
120 Total Credits
General Education Credits 39
Program Credits 39
Elective Credits 42

The English Program at Cazenovia College enables students to develop a thorough background in interdisciplinary practices of literary and cultural analysis; clear and effective communications skills; an appreciation of scholarly and creative endeavors; as well as an engaged awareness of social and cultural diversity. Students work closely with faculty to construct a personal path of study, which can include opportunities for internships and minor(s) in professional and/or academic fields, guiding them toward academic, professional, and personal success.

  • To prepare students to become lifelong learners in both their professional and personal lives;
  • To encourage intellectual, social, and ethical growth through the critical examination of literature, theatre, film, popular culture, and communication;
  • To help students develop the more specific skills associated with the discipline: written and spoken communication, literary appreciation, and critical, analytical thinking; and
  • To prepare students to be successful citizens and leaders in a global community.
  • Small classes taught in seminar/discussion format by well-qualified, full-time faculty members;
  • Opportunities from year one to contribute to the student newspaper, "The Quad";
  • Opportunities from year one to go on stage (or backstage) with theatrical productions in the College‘s historic Catherine Cummings Theatre;
  • Semester abroad opportunities in Canterbury, England.
  • Opportunities to visit area theatrical sites to see live theatre at discount rates; and
  • Flexibility: although graduation from the College requires 120 credit hours, the English program requires at most 36 credit hours in English, many of those elected from program options.


Course (Credits)
See Degree Requirements: General Education Requirements (33)
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy:
HU 375 Methods of Inquiry (3)
Senior Capstone: HU 499 Capstone Seminar in the Humanities (3)
Course (Credits)
   EN 210 Approaches to Literature (3)
   EN 216 Shakespeare and His Rivals (3)
Two 100/200-Level Literature Electives (6)
   EN 312 Advanced Composition (3)
One of the Following Two Classes: (3)
   EN 221 Ethnic American Literature
   EN 351 Postcolonial Literature
Two 300/400-Level Literature Electives (6)
   EN 475 Theoretical Approaches to Literature (3)
Two EN Cognate 1XX/2XX-Level in Arts & Science (6)  
Two EN Cognate 3XX/4XX-Level in Arts & Science (6)  
*With the approval of the Program Director, courses in Communication 
  Studies or film may also be selected.

Arts and Sciences Electives 
Course (Credits)

   100-400 level (12)
   300/400 level (9)
Total Arts & Sciences Elective Credits - 21

Course (Credits)
   100-400 level (12)
   300/400 level (9)
Total Open Elective Credits - 21