At a Glance

(BA) Bachelor of Arts
120 Total Credits
General Education Credits 39
English Program Credits 27
Communication Studies Program Credits 45
Elective Credits 9

The dual major in English and Communication Studies offers students an interdisciplinary perspective on human communication across a wide range of personal, professional, cultural, and artistic dimensions. This program leads to a bachelor of arts degree and a foundation of knowledge for lifelong success in a broad range of careers, including journalism, multi-platform media production, content creation, information studies, public policy, management, and the law. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary nature of the program will give students the ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs and opportunities of the future.

Coursework and co-curricular experiences of this dual major include:

  • Internships that offer students a thorough understanding of the principles of interpersonal, group, cultural, and multicultural communication;
  • An appreciation of literary forms, genres, periods, and criticism;
  • Hands-on experience in journalism, broadcasting, and media-studies;
  • An examination of theoretical concepts of textual and cultural analysis;
  • Experience in effective spoken and written communication in a broad range of forms, including persuasion, advocacy, debate, and creative writing.

Our goal is for all graduates with a dual major in English and Communication Studies to:

  • Speak, listen and demonstrate empathy well in a variety of communication contexts;
  • Be competent to produce a variety of mass-media forms;
  • Become lifelong learners in both their professional and personal lives;
  • Demonstrate intellectual, social, and ethical growth through the critical examination of literature, theatre, film, popular culture, media content, and communication;
  • Develop the more specific skills associated with the disciplines: written and spoken communication, literary appreciation, theory application, and critical, analytical thinking; and
  • Be successful citizens and leaders in a global community with an emphasis on advocacy strategies and skills.
  • Small class sizes;
  • Media production courses taught by experts in the broadcast field;
  • Opportunities from year one to contribute to the student newspaper, "The Quad";
  • Opportunities from year one to go on stage (or backstage) with theatrical productions in the College‘s historic Catherine Cummings Theatre;
  • Semester abroad opportunities in Canterbury, England and Nagoya, Japan.
Students will be prepared to enter career fields and/or graduate studies including journalism, public policy, multi-platform media production, information and library studies, editing and publishing, theater production and management, secondary and higher education, and the law.


General Education Courses(includes Capstone & Research Methods)  (39)
Total General Education Credits: 39
   Course (Credits)
EN 210 Approaches to Literature (3)
EN 216 Shakespeare & His Rivals (3)
200-Level Literature Electives (two courses) (6)
EN 312 Advanced Composition (3)
EN 221 Ethnic American Literature or EN 351 Postcolonial Literature (3)
300/400 Literature Electives (two courses) (6)
EN 475 Theoretical Approaches to Literature & Culture (3)
Total English Program Credits: 27
Arts and Sciences Courses
CM 110 Introduction to Human Communication (3)
HU 165 Critical Thinking: Language and Logic (3)
CM 210 Interpersonal Communication (3)
CM 220/CM 230/ CM 240 200-Level Elective (3)
CM 231 Introduction to Journalism (3)
CM 302 Communication Theory (3)
CM 313 Debate (3)
CM 320 Communication in the Mass Media (3)
CM 440 Advanced Topics in Communication (3)
HU 465 Ethical Issues in Organizations (3)
300/400 Arts and Sciences CM Elective (3)

Career Courses
300/400 Arts and Sciences or Career Studies CM Elective (3)
CM 211 Introduction to Broadcasting (3)
CM 331 Feature Writing and Editing or CM 341 Intermediate Broadcast Production (3)
CM 441 Media Management (3)
Total Communication Studies Program Credits: 45
   Course (Credits)
   100-400 level (9)
Total Open Elective Credits - 9