At a Glance

(BPS) Bachelor of Professional Studies
120 Total Credits
General Education Credits 36
Art & Science Credits 12
Program Credits 50
Elective Credits 22

The Finance program prepares students for business careers that are finance-oriented. This program offers students the flexibility of choosing to pursue a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Finance. Additionally, students may choose to pursue our accelerated programs, allowing them to earn their degree in three years. All students who pursue a BS degree in Business or Finance or a BPS degree in Management and all specializations must take a competency exam usually administered in the fall semester of their senior year.

The Finance program Bachelor of Professional studies (B.P.S.) requires completion of a business research course, a senior capstone course, and five finance courses, including fundamentals of financial management, personal financial planning, and three finance course electives. It prepares students for business careers along with providing exposure to fundamental finance subject matters. Business careers such as: business manager, administrator, analyst, consultant, or planner. The program leads to a Bachelor of Professional Studies and is designed so students can gain a proficiency in both management and finance fundamentals.


  • Prepare students for entry-level employment in management related and finance oriented disciplines;
  • Prepare students for graduate-level work in business and finance; and
  • Prepare students for employment in management or finance oriented management.
  • The degree offers students the opportunity to procure employment in either business or finance. An internship is required. Students are also prepared to pursue a master of business administration degree or enroll in additional education in order to pursue certification in management or finance.
  • B.S. and B.P.S. accelerated programs allow students to earn their degree in three years. 


Course (Credits)
First Year Seminar (3)
EN 101 Academic Writing 1 (3)
EN 201 Academic Writing 2 (3)
Scientific Literacy Elective (3)
CM 121 Effective Speaking (3)
CM 301 Speech and Rhetoric (3)
Diversity Elective (3)
Visual Literacy Elective (3)
Cultural Literacy Elective (3)
HU 361/365 Commitment and Choice/ Ethics (3)
BU 473 Business Research (3)
BU 495 Senior Capstone (3)
Course (Credits)
HG 131 Macroeconomics (3)
HG 132 Microeconomics (3)
SM 161 College Algebra (3)
SM 261 Statistics (3)
Total Arts & Science Program Credits -12
Course (Credits)
AC 201 Financial Accounting (3)
AC 202 Managerial Accounting (3)
BU 371 Financial Management (3)
FI 385 Personal Financial Planning (3)

Select 3 of the following 10 courses:
FI 310 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (3)
FI 320 Corporate Financial Budgeting (3)
FI 330 Corporate Finance (3)
FI 340 Real Estate Investment (3)
FI 350 Alternative Investments (3)
FI 360 International Financial Markets (3)
FI 370 Entrepreneurial Finance (3)
FI 380 Financial Markets and Institutions (3)
FI 410 Risk Management and Derivatives (3)
FI 420 Financial Ethics (3)
BU 105 Global Business (3)
BU 110 Principles of Management (3)
BU 230 Business Communications (3)
BU 233 Human Resources Management (3)
BU 240 Principles of Marketing (3)
BU 301 SPSS (1)
BU 363 Business Law (3)
BU 381 Internship Preparation (1)
BU 481 Business Management Internship (3)
AC/BU/FI Elective 100/400 (3)
AC/BU/FI Elective 300/400 (3)
Total Career Program Credits – 50
Course (Credits)
100/400 Level (7)
300/400 Level (15)