Cazenovia College's Enrollment Services Center, located on the first floor of Williams Hall includes services for the area of financial aid. The Enrollment Services Center is prepared to assist prospective students, enrolled students, and parents with information concerning sources of financial assistance and application procedures. Those interested are encouraged to call the Enrollment Services Center at 1-800-654-3210 or 315-655-7888 or email financial aid questions to

Financing a college education is both a family and student obligation. Financial aid sources exist that can bridge the difference between the amount the family can pay and the cost of attending college.

Financial aid is available from state, federal and institutional sources, and includes grants and scholarships, work study programs and low-interest student loans. Eligibility for aid varies with the source and the individual circumstances of the student and/or family. In order to receive federal, state or institutional aid the student must be a United States citizen or permanent resident alien.

Financial aid is granted on the basis of demonstrated financial need. The forms required are the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (this determines the expected family contribution) and, for New York State residents the Express Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Application (ETA).

The College offers institutional financial aid as determined by the FAFSA. A competitive financial aid package will be offered and may include a combination of federal and state programs (for example, Federal Work Study, Federal Pell Grant, NYS TAP, loans, etc.), institutional aid, and other sources of assistance.

Any college aid in combination with other aid cannot exceed the total cost of attendance for the academic year at Cazenovia. Students must file the FAFSA to be considered for institutional grants.

All student grants and scholarships (federal, state and institutional) are credited to the student’s billing account each semester that the student is enrolled as a matriculated student. All Federal Direct Loan Program amounts are deposited to the student account when the necessary paperwork has been processed by the Enrollment Services Center and the Department of Education, and in accordance with Federal guidelines. Federal College Work Study Program funds are disbursed to the student via the College’s regular payroll cycle.

Financial aid award packages are based upon full-time enrollment at Cazenovia College for the academic year. Should students be less than full-time at the beginning of any academic term, they may lose a portion of their funding.

If outside sources of aid (those not controlled by the College) should be higher than those estimated in the student’s original aid package, institutional aid may be reduced by that amount to prevent overfunding per federal regulations. If any outside awards are reduced, the College is not required to make up the difference, as, generally, all College merit and grant monies have been disbursed.

Support for the Cazenovia College financial aid programs is provided from both governmental and private sources. Scholarships are provided by foundations, individuals or organizations, as well as business and industry.

The College continually seeks new sources of assistance for worthy and deserving students. For those interested in contributing to Cazenovia College’s Student Financial Aid Program, contact the Office of the President or the Office of Institutional Advancement.