A student deciding to withdraw from the College before the completion of the academic semester needs to notify the Director of Financial Aid to begin the official withdrawal process.

According to Federal regulation, a student who has received Title IV financial aid and withdraws or is dismissed from the College before 60% of the academic semester is completed, is subject to a recalculation of Federal financial aid. This recalculation is called the Return to Title IV or R2T4 formula. The date of withdrawal or dismissal used for the recalculation is determined by the date the student requests the withdrawal. A student who stops attending their courses without requesting a withdrawal, will not be automatically withdrawn from their courses and will receive their earned grade from completed coursework. 

If the student’s financial aid is subject to the R2T4 formula, funds will be returned to the Federal government and a revised financial aid award letter will be mailed to the student. If the R2T4 formula generates an account receivable due to the College, a student account statement will be mailed and due in full upon receipt. Further information regarding payment can be obtained from the Bursar's Office.

For more information regarding the R2T4 regulation, please contact the Enrollment Services Center.