Cazenovia College’s Enrollment Services Center, located on the first floor of Williams Hall, includes services for student accounts including billing, transmitting financial aid and processing payments. Information regarding the payment plans are available as well.
Students are encouraged to complete a Student Release of Information (FERPA) form available in the Enrollment Services Center or online at

Enrollment at Cazenovia College is conditional on meeting all financial obligations to the College within the payment terms. Billing and payment information may be found online at

Cazenovia College uses electronic billing as it’s official billing method, and therefore students are responsible for viewing and paying their student account by the scheduled due date. The student financial information is available at

Cazenovia College uses College e-mail accounts as an official method of communication with students, including notifications of any payment due. 

If a student’s billing account is not satisfied prior to arrival on campus, they will receive notification to visit the Enrollment Services Center regarding payment arrangements. If the account cannot be resolved either by payment or an approved deferred payment agreement, enrollment for that term will be cancelled.  Diploma, if applicable, will not be released until the account hold status is resolved. If registration and housing are canceled and later reinstated, Cazenovia College will make every effort to honor the original course selection and room assignment; however, we offer no guarantee.

Note:  Deferred payment agreements consist of the CASHNet Payment Plan ( an approved Cazenovia College payment plan, or third-party contracts.

In the event that a student withdraws from Cazenovia College, payment arrangements for all outstanding charges must be made prior to their departure. Accounts with balances remaining after withdrawal or graduation may be turned over to a third party collection agency.

For any account that must be turned over to a collection agency, the student and/or their guarantor are responsible for all collection costs. Such costs will be added to the outstanding balance due to Cazenovia College.

Billing Schedule
Tuition and fees for the academic year are billed in two installments, with statements available on Self Service-Student Finance-Account Activity. The first payment, after estimated aid is applied, is due no later than August 4. Spring term billing is due no later than January 10. If payment is not received by the due date, a late payment fee of $150 will be charged. Students are encouraged to stay informed by accessing Self Service-Student Finance on a regular basis.

The processing of educational loans will usually require four to six weeks. Therefore, where the proceeds are to be applied as payment of tuition and fees, application for those loans must be made early. Loan approval must be received by the College prior to the billing due date, or the late payment fee will be assessed.

Monthly Payment Plan
The College offers a 10-month payment plan through CASHNet* for families who want an alternative to lump sum payments. Additional information can be obtained by calling CASHNet at 877-821-0625 or visiting or calling the College at 800-654-3210.
* Bookstore charges as well as any balance remaining from previous billing periods are not eligible for this plan.