At a Glance

(BS) Bachelor of Science
121 Total Credits
General Education Credits 39
Program Credits 37
Elective Credits 45

The Individual Studies program (Bachelor of Science) is among the most flexible degree programs available at the college. That flexibility allows students to design individualized academic experiences meeting their unique educational interests and career goals. The program is structured around a multi-disciplinary core of courses that combine the methods and insights of the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences with practical and career-oriented aspects of professional education.

  • To prepare students to become lifelong learners in both their professional and personal lives;
  • To emphasize the inter-relatedness of liberal and professional education;
  • To encourage intellectual, social, and ethical growth through the critical examination of works in art, science, philosophy, and literature; and
  • To prepare students to be successful citizens and leaders in a global community.

Students are required to take a professional internship. All Individual Studies students are encouraged to take advantage of such experiences.


General Education Courses (credits)
First Year Seminar (3)
Written Communications (6)
Spoken and Interpersonal Communications (6)
Computer Literacy (0)
Ethics (3)
Quantitative Literacy (3)
Cultural Literacy (3)
Scientific Literacy (3-4)
Diversity and Social Consciousness (3)
Visual Literacy (3)
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy: HG/HU/SB 375 Methods of Inquiry (3)
Senior Capstone: HU/SB 499 Capstone Seminar in the Humanities/Capstone I- Applied: Senior Project (3)


Program Courses (credits)

HG ___ History/Government elective (3)
SB ___ Social/Behavioral Science elective (3)
EN ___ Literature elective (3)
HU ___ Philosophy elective (3)
SM ___ Lab Science course (4)
HG/SB 3/4__Social Science course (3)
EN/HU 3/4__ English/Humanities course (3)
FA 3/4__ Fine Arts course (3)
HU 465 Ethical Issues in Organizations (3)
SB 110 Intro to Anthropology/PS 120 Intro to Psychology/SB 130 Intro to Sociology (3)
Internship (6)

Electives (credits)

300/400 level arts and sciences electives (3)
100-400 level open electives (24)
300/400 level open electives (18)