At a Glance

(BS) Bachelor of Science
120 Total Credits
General Education Credits 39
Program Credits 51
Elective Credits 30

The Individual Studies program at Cazenovia College offers students with multiple interests the opportunity to pursue a unique, interdisciplinary course of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Working in close consultation with Cazenovia faculty members, and building off a core set of foundational courses that teach skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and communication, Individual Studies students create an educational program tailored to their specific academic and career needs, choosing courses from any of the more than 50 majors and minors the college offers. The program culminates in a student-designed capstone project that integrates students’ diverse coursework and prepares them for the transition to graduate school or the workplace.

The Individual Studies program at Cazenovia College is designed to prepare students for the challenges of contemporary life by fostering originality, creativity, and flexibility, while drawing on the established strengths of the college’s liberal arts and professional offerings. The program will foster in students a sense of self-motivation and independent thought, coupled with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for individual study. Through interdisciplinary, capstone-based research and applied-learning experiences such as internships, the program provides students with the skills and opportunities to achieve academic and professional goals in college and beyond.

  • Students will gather information and demonstrate an understanding of defining concepts from at least two areas of study offered at the college;
  • Students will utilize this understanding to propose a unique, interdisciplinary course of study to be pursued independently;
  • Students will apply the knowledge gained through their study in an internship or similar, approved non-classroom-based educational activity;
  • Via a senior capstone project, students will integrate their diverse coursework and experiences in order to examine questions, problems, or issues of an interdisciplinary nature