Internships are required for most Cazenovia College degree programs. Ninety-five percent of students complete at least one internship experience. Internships connect academic study and professional experience and provide students with relevant professional experience often required by employers. Students may meet with their Program Directors and the Career Services Office to identify and evaluate internship goals and timelines. Eligibility varies by major, but students must meet the following general criteria:
  • Students must meet general education and degree program prerequisites. Most academic majors require students to reach junior standing before beginning an internship.
  • Because most majors have an internship requirement, students must consult with their advisors and program directors.
Students participating in internships for academic credit must register for academic credit through Cazenovia College. (Internship on-site hours must be completed during the semester for which the student has registered). Most internships carrying academic credit have associated formal internship seminars requiring student participation.
  • All internships and internship sites must be approved by Cazenovia College and the students’ program directors.
  • Students who do not meet requirements for internships may be provided a course substitution or may discuss academic major options with their academic advisors and/or program directors.
  • Cazenovia College program faculty and the Career Services Office maintain close ties with the internship sites and assist students with preparing for internship applications and securing internships.
  • Students are encouraged to seek opportunities that best match their academic and career goals and will be expected to fully participate in the process of identifying, applying for and obtaining internships.
Students are responsible for costs incurred for applying and interviewing, traveling and working as an intern. Expenses vary by student choices and academic programs. Many internships are not paid, however some are.

National and International Internships: Students are encouraged to identify internships that will best meet their educational and career objectives. Students may consider internships locally, nationally or internationally. There are many options for students to have internship experiences across the country and across the world. Students can maximize their internship experiences by careful and early planning. There are many national programs that offer internships to a variety of students in most majors and related careers.

Cazenovia College has an Institutional Partner Agreement with the Washington Internship Institute in Washington, D.C. This agreement allows students from all majors to experience a full semester of credit through enriching internships that match students’ academic and career interests, complemented by academic course work. Students earn Cazenovia College credits while interning in Washington, D.C. Students must complete both an internal application process and be accepted by the Washington Internship Institute in order to participate. Ordinarily, a cumulative GPA of 2.75 and junior status are required to be eligible. Further information regarding the Washington Internship Institute can be obtained from the Cazenovia College Career Services Office and the Washington Internship Institute’s website.