At a Glance

(BPS) Bachelor of Professional Studies
124 Total Credits
General Education Credits 39
Art & Science Credits 9
Program Credits 64
Elective Credits 12

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Fashion Merchandising program emphasizes the business functions of promoting and selling fashions in the retail sector and coordinating the design, production and retail processes in the manufacturing sector of the fashion industry. This specialization combines fashion studies, and business/career studies to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in fashion merchandising.

The Fashion Merchandising Program features several unique opportunities for students to explore the many facets of the fashion industry. A fashion tour class is offered annually in January, during which students visit an array of small and large fashion sites, which may include design rooms, showrooms, retailers and museum fashion exhibits.

This program is fully accredited through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education. Visit to learn more about our accreditation status and to review the Annual Report to IACBE.

All students who pursue a BS degree in Business or Finance or a BPS degree in Management and all specializations must take a competency exam usually administered in the fall semester of their senior year.


  • Provide students with a liberal arts education that combines general education courses with fashion and business courses;
  • Prepare students for fashion industry careers in fashion production, manufacturing and/or sales;
  • Provide students with career-focused academic experiences through various internships and other off-campus classes and seminars and co-curricular experiences.
  • The Fashion Merchandising program is housed in Jephson Campus B.  This facility includes:
  • Merchandising display areas
  • Sewing/design laboratory including:
    • industrial sewing machines
    • pattern cutting tables
    • professional dress forms
  • CAD lab with:
    • dual platform Macintosh computers
    • fashion industry software including OptiTex patternmaking and NEDGraphics presentations
    • scanners
    • printers
    • large format printer capable of printing up to 44" fabric
  • A material resource room
  • Lecture and seminar rooms

Fashion Tour Class: The week-long Fashion Tour in New York City is offered each spring semester to provide students with an overview of the fashion industry and to prepare them for internships. Students attend seminars with management personnel at fashion businesses including showrooms, design rooms, retailers, industry associations and museums. In addition, students tour the famous garment district for fabric and trim sourcing during a four-day field trip to New York.

Fashion Show: Each April the Fashion Studies Department sponsors a professional caliber juried fashion show that captures the energy and excitement of the fashion industry. Fashion Merchandising students may participate in the planning and production of all aspects of the show through the Fashion Promotion class. The show is the culmination of an entire year of illustrating, patternmaking and construction of garments, and show planning by all fashion students.

New York City Semester: This is an option for qualifying students, during which they are enrolled in Cazenovia College and take their courses in New York City, including internship, and elective classes. Options are also available for study-abroad programs.

Senior Collection/Senior Project: All students are required to complete a senior project in which they write a major research paper. Merchandising students focus on the analysis of a business topic and design students also create the concept and garments for an original fashion collection. This highly creative project is the culmination of four years of education in the Fashion Studies Department. 


  • Three credits of Internship course work are required for Fashion Design students. Students must complete a required number of credits in their program and demonstrate knowledge-based and social competency to qualify for internship placement.
  • The Fashion Tour class provides students with an overview of the fashion industry and prepares them for internships.
  • Faculty and staff in the Fashion Studies Program, College Career and Internship offices work with students to help define their goals, explore internship options, and complete the application process.
  • Internships have been an integral part of the Fashion program at Cazenovia College for many years.  Six credits of Internship course work are required for both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising students. 

    Internship Preparation:
  • Students must complete a required number of credits in their program and demonstrate knowledge-based and social competency to qualify for internship placement
  • The Fashion Tour class provides students with an overview of the fashion industry and prepares them for internships
  • Faculty and staff in the Fashion Studies Program, College Career and Internship offices work with students to help define their goals, explore internship options, and complete the application process
    Internship Locations:
  • Central New York:  Students have worked with a variety of fashion companies during their fall or spring semester, while also taking other courses on campus. Internships may also be completed during the summer near campus, home, or elsewhere!
  • New York City: A majority of Fashion Studies students have interned at NYC sites during the summer following their junior year
  • Semester in NYC: See program description below
    Features of the Semester in NYC Program include:
  • Qualified students will have the opportunity to spend the fall semester of their junior year in NYC
  • Courses will be conducted through Cazenovia College including: Internship class (6 credits – 3 credits will count as an elective toward their degree); first semester of senior project/senior collection (3 credits); open elective or Humanities course (3 credits)
  • Housing:  Webster House offers housing for women who have internships or jobs in NYC.  The Webster House is one housing option for students and is clean, affordable, safe, and convenient to the garment district.
  • Faculty will be based in Cazenovia, with an industry contact serving as instructor/facilitator of the program. Some courses may be conducted in a distance learning format.
  • Facilities:  This program will take advantage of the many resources available in NYC and class meeting places may include museums or collections, public libraries, or a host of other public arenas to expose students to some of the fashion-related and broader cultural venues available in NYC.
    Fashion Studies Internship Sites:
    · Betsey Johnson, New York, NY; Design intern
    · Black Book, New York, NY; fashion stylist for fashion/entertainment magazine
    · Bloomingdale’s, Merchandising for Free People department
    · Cache, Apparel Retailer:  Merchandiser for Prom Collection and fashion show production
    · Calhoun Sportswear, St. Catherine’s, ON, Canada; casual and promotional garment design and production
    · Cynthia Rowley, New York, NY; Dress design intern
    · Dick’s Sporting Goods, Alexandria, VA and Elmira, NY; Retail Training internships
    · Dreissig Athletic DA Spot, Syracuse, NY; Athletic apparel company design interns specialty retail apparel
    · Flax Showroom, New York, NY; showroom assistant for a national clothing designer
    · Grace Hats, New York, NY; showroom for accessory lines
    · Hartstrings, Children’s wear manufacturer:  corporate offices near Philadelphia, PA and retail showroom in NYC
    · Isadora, Armory Square, Syracuse, NY; retail training for an independently-owned lingerie boutique
    · Jacqueline’s Bridal, Hudson Falls, NY; bridal design and sales
    · J.C. Penney, Dallas, TX; product development at corporate headquarters
    · Jenny Yoo, New York, NY; bridal design and sales
    · JES Apparel (formerly Seaboard Atlantic Garment, Inc.), Manlius/Syracuse, NY; Product Development/Design Assistants for sportswear company
    · Liz Claiborne, New York, NY; Product Development/Design Assistant
    · Lord & Taylor, Syracuse, NY; Retail Training internships
    · Malia Mills, New York, NY; swimsuit/sportswear merchandising and design assistant
    · Moose Jaw, Ann Arbor, MI; merchandising at corporate headquarters
    · Mr. Shop, Syracuse, NY; Menswear sales and tailoring
    · New York and Company, New York, NY; Design intern
    · New York City Ballet, New York, NY; Design Assistant internships for ballet costumes
    · ONE: Rachel Gordon, Charleston, SC; promotions assistant to local designer 
    · Ryan Boyd Salon, West Hollywood, CA; Salon assistant/merchandiser
    · Rebecca’s Bridal, New York, NY; bridal design and sales
    · Sara CampbellBoston, MA; Design/Product Development intern for women’s apparel company
    · Sears, New York State; Retail Training internships
    · Seventeen Magazine, New York, NY; Fashion department assistant
    · Some Girl’s Boutique, Syracuse, NY; Retail and promotions assistant
    · Suzy Chin at Maggy Boutique, New York, NY; Product Development/Design Assistants
    · Tommy Hilfiger, NYC: Product Development/Design Assistants; T.H.E. Outlet, Inc. Horseheads, NY; retail training
    · Triple Five Soul, Brooklyn, NY: urban/street wear apparel and accessories design and merchandising
    · Ursula of Switzerland, Waterford, NY: design and manufacture of formal wear dresses
    · QVC, West Chester, PA; merchandising for jewelry collections
    · William H. Stark Enterprises, Ltd., New York, NY; Design/Product Development interns for knitwear company
    · Zac Posen, New York, NY; Design and patternmaking
    Additional Fashion Studies Industry Contacts:
    (with potential for internship placement)
    · Alfred Dunner, NYC: Womenswear – design, technical design, and merchandising opportunities
    · Cotton, Inc., NYC: organization to promote the cotton industry with fabric library and trend/forecasting services
    · ECHO Design Group, NYC: Accessories and Apparel design and merchandising
    · Guess?, NYC corporate offices and retail showrooms
    · Here and There, NYC:  Trend Research and Forecasting Company
    · Hickey Freeman Company, Rochester, NY: Technical Designer/Pattern Maker
    · Jaclyn Apparel, NYC: Sleepwear manufacturer design and merchandising assistant
    · Kids Headquarters, NYC: Children’s wear design and merchandising assistant
    ·, NYC buying offices
    · Mark Ecko, NYC: Menswear company – sales, merchandising, and design opportunities
    · Nautica, NYC: Design/merchandising positions including Assistant to Project Manager for Retail Merchandising
    · Warnaco, NYC: Intimates and Swimwear – design, technical design, and merchandising opportunities
Sales Representative                    Product Development
Retail Management                      Costume Designer
Fashion Business Owner               Events Coordinator
Quality Control Analyst                 Fashion Promotions Coordinator
Merchandise Manager                  Assistant Buyer


   Course (Credits)    
   See Degree Requirements: General Education requirements (33)
   Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy: 
      BU 473/475 Business Research Methods/Marketing Research (3)
   Senior Capstone: BU 495 Senior Capstone (3)
   Course (Credits)    
   HG 131    Macroeconomics OR HG 132    Microeconomics (3)
   SM 261    Statistics (3)
   FA 218     Fashion History  (3)
Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits - 9

   Course (Credits)    
   AC 201    Financial Accounting  (3)
   AC 202    Managerial Accounting (3)
   BU 110    Principles of Management (3)
   BU 230    Business Communications (3)
   BU 233    Human Resources Management (3)
   BU 240    Principles of Marketing (3)
   BU 301    SPSS (1)
   BU 321    Introduction to Data Analysis for Business Decision Making (3)
   BU 326    E-Commerce (3)
   BU 363    Business Law (3)
   BU 371    Financial Management (3)
   BU 401    International Business  (3)
   BU 451    Fashion Buying & Merchandise Planning  (3)
   BU 481    Business Management Internship (emphasis on fashion merchandising) (3)
   FM 131    Survey of the Global Apparel Industry  (3)
   FM 213    Textiles  (3)
   FM 250    Fashion Merchandising  (3)
   FM 361   Fashion Promotion  (3)
   FM 365    Product Development Principles  (3)
   FM 366    Product Development Applications (3)
   FM 382    Fashion Tour   (2)
   FM 393    Internship Preparation (1)
   FM, FD, BU, AC ___    Fashion or Business Elective  (3)
Total Career Program Credits - 64

   Course (Credits)    
   100-400 level  (12)
Total Open Elective Credits - 12