At a Glance

(BPS) Bachelor of Professional Studies
121 Total Credits
General Education Credits 39
Art & Science Credits 15
Program Credits 53
Elective Credits 14

The Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Management: Sport Management at Cazenovia College develops and reinforces the business management competencies of the students in alignment with the outcomes of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).  A generalist sport curriculum supplements management courses to help students acquire a breadth of industry-specific knowledge.  Students can customize their experience through a variety of internships, minors, and electives to better position themselves to compete for sport-related jobs in their communities.

This program is fully accredited through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education. Visit to learn more about our accreditation status and to review the Annual Report to IACBE.

All students who pursue a BS degree in Business or Finance or a BPS degree in Management and all specializations must take a competency exam usually administered in the fall semester of their senior year.


  • Express accurate and meaningful information to sport stakeholders using a variety of technology-driven platforms.
  • Reflect upon observations and experiences in relation to global sport phenomena.
  • Practice oral and written communication skills useful in accomplishing sport projects with and through various stakeholders.
  • Utilize problem-solving skills to address needs for a variety of sport stakeholders.

Through a nine-credit-hour internship component, students gain a better understanding of the true responsibilities of the sport management profession.


   Course (Credits)    
   See Degree Requirements: General Education requirements (33)
   Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy: 
      BU 473/475 Business Research Methods/Marketing Research  (3)
   Senior Capstone: BU 495 Senior Capstone  (3)
   Course (Credits)
   HG 131  Macroeconomics (3)
   HG 132  Microeconomics  (3)
   SB 130    Introduction to Sociology (3)
   SB 358/SP 364    Sport in Society (3)   
   SM 261   Statistics (3)
Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits - 15

   Course (Credits)       
   AC 201    Financial Accounting (3)
   AC 202    Managerial Accounting (3)
   BU 110    Principles of Management (3)
   BU 230    Business Communications (3)
   BU 233    Human Resources Management (3)
   BU 240    Principles of Marketing (3)
   BU 301    SPSS (1)
   BU 321    Introduction to Data Analytics for Business Decision Making (3)
   BU 363    Business Law (3)
   BU 371    Financial Management (3)
   BU 481    Business Management Internship (3)
   SP 101    Sport Management Practicum (1)
   SP 118    Introduction to Sport Management  (3)
   SP 230    Sport Arena and Facility Management (3)
   SP 328    Sport Marketing/Promotions/Sales (3)
   SP 370    Sport Event Management  (3)
   SP 423    Organization and Administration of Sport (3)
   SP 455    Financing Sport Operations (3)   
   SP 488    Sport Management Internship (3)
Total Career Program Credits - 53

    Course (Credits)       
    100-400 level (11)
    300/400 level  (3)
Total Open Elective Credits  - 14