It is the student’s responsibility:
  1. To be familiar with the financial aid application procedures, application forms and deadlines. The information is available in this catalog or from the Enrollment Services Center;
  2. To return all forms properly completed within the prescribed time limits. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of any aid offered;
  3. To notify the Enrollment Services Center of any changes in the parents’ or student’s financial situation. The student’s financial aid package will be adjusted to reflect any changes;
  4. To notify the Enrollment Services Center of any private scholarships or awards that the student receives during the academic year;
  5. To notify the Enrollment Services Center of any change that reduces a student course load to less than full time (12 credit hours);
  6. To honor all agreements, including repayment provisions on any loans, made with the College and/or any other lending institutions;
  7. To provide all forms requested by the Enrollment Services Center for the purpose of verification of family income, family size and similar matters;
  8. To reapply for financial aid each academic year. The College will make every effort to continue aid to those students who demonstrate financial need; and
  9. To maintain eligibility for federal financial aid programs. The student must be matriculated and enrolled at least half-time (six credit hours) in an approved program and be in good academic standing. To be in good academic standing a student must be making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree and must be pursuing an approved program of study.
It is the student’s right:
  1. To know how financial need was determined;
  2. To know how decisions regarding financial aid were made;
  3. To appeal any decision made by the Enrollment Services Center;
  4. To know that financial aid will be paid to the student in two equal installments, the first during the fall term, and the second during the spring term. The student will be billed each term for tuition, room and board. One half of the total award will be deducted from each term’s bill;
  5. To know what portions of the financial aid must be repaid and the annual interest rate;
  6. To know the College’s refund policy; and
  7. To appeal academic dismissal.