At a Glance

(BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts
130 Total Credits
General Education Credits 39
Art &Science Credits 15
Program Credits 61
Elective Credits 15

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art: Arts Management prepares students simultaneously for careers as both artists and arts management professionals. This unique program features the right combination of business, communications, and marketing courses alongside rigorous studio art training and a foundation in the liberal arts. 
Mission Statement
Our focus on business, critical-thinking and professional skills prepares students for entry-level positions in a wide range of careers in art-making and arts management, including: arts administration, development, promotion, museum studies, gallery or art center management, theater/dance/music management, festival management, arts policy, small business ownership, entrepreneurial endeavors or as fine arts and artisans. Students will additionally be well prepared for graduate school.

Dedicated, professional faculty carefully mentor students though a highly individualized approach tailored to each student’s artistic, academic and career goals. As students progress through the studio art, business, and professional sequences of courses, they combine an intimate knowledge of the arts with a solid background in business and marketing. Additionally, real-life business opportunities exist through internships and two student-centered businesses on campus, providing valuable practical management, retail, artistic, and marketing experience. Students in Arts Management exit the college well-prepared to become arts management professionals or practicing artists ready to start and manage their own business.

  • Students will demonstrate solid business and management skills, display an understanding of the role of the arts in the public and private sectors, and apply their artistic insight to the management of the arts.
  • Students will demonstrate competency with the use of visual forms and design principles in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media.
  • Students will possess the technical skills, knowledge, and experience needed to begin their careers in one or more art-related fields or to pursue graduate study.
Exciting news! Jephson Campus A (JCA), the historic stone building near beautiful Cazenovia Lake, has been completely renovated into a state of the art facility. JCA now houses a wood shop, metal/welding shop, painting/drawing studio, design/computer studio, and facilities for jewelry and small metals, ceramics, kiln-formed glass and sculpture.

Coleman Hall on main campus offers additional studio space and the Printmaking Studio. Reisman Hall includes a beautiful gallery and sculpture court, exhibiting the work of students, faculty and other professional artists. The computer labs and photo studio are available for student use.
  • A variety of arts management opportunities await Cazenovia Arts Management majors, including student-run ventures such as smART and the annual Holiday Craft Fair. Theater management opportunities, gallery assistant positions, participation in other sales venues, and internships at museums, galleries and artisan businesses round out student experiences.
  • Since 2011, the student-run artisan business smART (student-made ART) has provided students interested in art/craft production, business skills and arts management with real-life experience in running and growing an art-based, sustainable business. Students repurpose wine bottles and corks from Magnus Ridge Winery on Seneca Lake into useful, ingenious products. Profits from sales are returned to the business and provide training and employment to students interested in art business management and kiln-formed glass.
  • Each student completes one or more professional internships, specifically selected in conjunction with the internship instructor. They explore careers, gain important professional experience, and form professional networks.
  • Our students benefit from a strong relationship with nearby Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, a nationally-recognized outdoor sculpture and nature park with a seasonal gallery, international artist-in-residency program, and sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. Students may exhibit their art in the gallery, work on the grounds and occasionally complete internships in its bucolic setting.
  • Most Studio Art majors choose one or more minors to complement their major studies. Art History, Social Media Production, Photography, Fashion Design, Communication Studies and Visual Communications are popular choices. For non-majors, the Arts Management minor is available.
  • Cazenovia College offers a special opportunity for Arts Management majors to be accepted while still an undergraduate into the LeMoyne College MS in Arts Administration. Students completing their BFA in Arts Management will have 6 graduate credits waived, and be able to complete their graduate studies in 18 months or less. Learn More: Read About the "Accelerated Path Program" View the Memorandum of Understanding with LeMoyne College (pdf)
Museums: curator, curator of education, development, gallery manager, marketing, registrar, director of operations, etc.
Art galleries: director, marketing director, sales staff, educator, development
Art centers: director, educator, director of programming, marketing, community liaison
Auction houses: appraisers, sales staff, art handlers
Theatre/dance/music management
Box office manager
Event promoter/organizer
Event planner
Artist agent
Small business owner
Self-employed artist or artisan
Government agencies: policy expert
Non-profit management: any nonprofit agency


   Course (Credits)         
   See Degree Requirements: General Education requirements (33)
   Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy: 
      SA 498  Senior Project: Research and Development (3)
   Senior Capstone: SA 499 Senior Project: Thesis Exhibition (3)
   Course (Credits)       
   FA 111    Art History I (3)
   FA 112    Art History II  (3)
   FA 210    Art of the World (3)
   FA 401    Contemporary Developments in the Arts (3)
   FA 405    Arts in the Community (3)
Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits - 15
    AC 110    Fundamentals of Accounting (3)
   BU 110    Principles of Management (3)
   BU 215    Arts Management (3)
   BU 233    Human Resources Management (3)
   BU 240    Principles of Marketing (3)
   SA 111    Drawing: Perception/Observation (3)
   SA 131    Design + Color Theory (3)
   SA 132    Structuring Human Space (3)
   SA 161    Photography I (3)
   SA 168    Time, Movement and Narrative (3)

Choose 3 of the following:
   SA 121    Painting (3)
   SA 214    Figure Drawing (3)
   SA 241    Ceramics (3)
   SA 242    Sculpture: Glass/Mixed Media (3)
   SA 311    Life Drawing & 3-D Forms (3)
Choose 1 of 2:
   SA 302    Graphic Forms (3)
   SA 361    Site and Space  (3)
   FA 351 Museum as Medium (3)
   SA 381    Internship (3)
   SA 393    Internship Preparation (1)
   SA 493     Professional Practices and Portfolio (3)
   SA 3/4XX  Intermediate/Advanced SA courses (6)
   VC 174    Digital Page Layout
Total Career Program Credits - 61
Open Electives  
    Courses (Credits) 
    100-400 level    (6)
    300/400 level   (9)
Total Open Elective Credits -15