At a Glance

(BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts
120 or 121 Total Credits
General Education Credits 39 or 40
Art &Science Credits 15
Program Credits 55
Elective Credits 12

The Studio Art: Fine Art Photography program produces artists who are technical masters, creative problem-solvers and professionally prepared for careers in art and photography.

Through a studio-based art curriculum and a foundation in the liberal arts, students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program will explore all forms of lens-based media including digital and film photography, Photoshop manipulation, alternative processes, studio lighting, video editing and large format photography. 

Interdisciplinary courses enable students to inform their photographic practice with a knowledge of art history, visual culture, drawing, design, color theory and sculpture.

Dedicated, professional faculty mentor students through a highly-individualized education tailored to each student’s artistic and academic goals, preparing them for careers in the art world as exhibiting artists, photo educators and multimedia specialists or at fine-art related institutions such as museums, galleries and studios or to pursue graduate work and earn a master’s degree in the arts.

  • Offer in-depth studio training in video, film and digital photography.
  • Teach students to communicate visually in lens-based media using the elements and principles of design. 
  • Help students make informed responses to the historical and cultural forces that shape the contemporary art world.
  • Prepare students for photography related careers.
Our photography programs are housed in the lower level of Reisman Hall. The facility includes:
  • Black and white darkroom
  • Alternative process darkroom
  • Lighting studio (equipped with strobes, cool lights, large format cameras, backdrops, tripods, lighting accessories and props)
  • Digital lab with: iMac workstations, large format Canon Printers, high resolution film scanners, Adobe CC
  • Each student completes a professional internship. They gain experience, explore an area of personal interest, get on the job training and begin to form their network of professionals.
  • In their final year, each student completes a yearlong senior project, which includes both research and visual work. It culminates with an exhibition, which is mounted in the gallery in Reisman Hall. Students have a hand in the entire process, from making postcards to installing the work and presenting it to the public.
  • Most Fine Art Photography majors choose one or more minors to complement their major. Popular choices are Art History, Studio Art, Multiplatform Journalism and Production and Pre-art Therapy.
After graduation, our Photography students have found success in:
  • Fine art photography—exhibiting and selling work
  • Photography educators at workshops and art centers
  • Photojournalism and documentary photography
  • Arts administration, including directing professional galleries or other positions within galleries and museums, theaters, performing arts organizations, and other cultural agencies
  • Artist residencies, writing and getting grants
  • Graduate studies in such areas as art education, studio art, photography, art therapy, art history and theory


All-College Competencies #1-8 (30 or 31 credits)
All-College Competency #9: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy:
   SA 498 Senior Project: Research and Development (3 credits)
All-College Competency #10:
   First Year Seminar (3 credits)
   SA 499 Senior Project: Thesis Exhibition (3 credits)
Total General Education Credits: 39 or 40
   Course (Credits)       
FA 111 Art History I (3 credits)
FA 112 Art History II (3 credits)
FA 125 History and Contemporary Trends in Photography (3 credits)
FA 210 Art of the World (3 credits)
FA 401 Contemporary Development in the Arts (3 credits)
Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits: 15
SA 111 Drawing: Perception/Observation (3 credits)
SA 131 Design + Color Theory (3 credits)
SA 132 Structuring Human Space (3 credits)
SA 161 Photography I (3 credits)
SA 162 Photography II  (3 credits)
SA 168 Time, Movement and Narrative (3 credits)
SA 263 Digital Photography (3 credits)
SA 270 Studio Photography (3 credits)
SA 276 Computer Imaging (3 credits)
SA/FA 309 Special Topics in the Arts (3 credits)
SA 320 On Assignment: Editorial, Location and Documentary Photography (3 credits)
SA 325 Large Format Photo & Fine Printing (3 credits)
SA 361 Site and Space OR SA 415 Graphic Forms (3 credits)
SA 365 Alternative Processes (3 credits)
SA 393 Internship Prep. (1 credit) 
SA 381 Internship  (3 credits)
SA 410 Professional Photography Practices and Portfolio Prep OR SA 493 Professional Practices and Portfolio (3 credits)
SA 3/4XX Intermediate/Advanced SA (photo only) courses (6 credits)
Total Career Studies Credits: 55
Open Electives  
    Courses (Credits) 
    100-400 level    (9)
    300/400 level   (3)
Total Open Elective Credits -12