Transition to college begins with the decision to apply for admission to Cazenovia College. The first step involves deciding what degree program to mark on the application form. Admissions counselors and faculty assist applicants in this process.

Following acceptance to Cazenovia College, students are evaluated to determine their level of academic skill in the key competency areas of mathematics, and writing. Depending on the evaluation, the College may recommend that students participate in the pre-college program and/or take developmental courses.

During a one-day summer orientation program, students meet with faculty and Student Life staff.  Students are also asked to complete a summer reading selection chosen by the Academic Program Directors.

All new students begin their first semester with the First Week fall orientation program. During orientation, students learn more about the social and academic aspects of being a college student. Students meet with their academic advisers to discuss goals and adjust their academic schedules.

Following the start of classes, the transition to College is made easier by the advice and assistance of a number of Cazenovia faculty including advisers and First Year Seminar instructors. The Center for Teaching and Learning is available to any student who needs academic tutorial assistance. Student Life staff members, particularly resident assistants, resident directors, and counseling staff members are available to assist in the transition to life in a residential college setting.