1. All fees, including room and board charges and any other listed in the Enrollment Agreement or the Cazenovia College Catalog, if applicable, are due and payable as of the dates specified therein and before a student may register for classes. There is no refund or abatement of any kind because of illness, withdrawal, dismissal or any other cause during a billing period, except as hereinafter stated.
  2. All students are expected to observe community standards and the rules and regulations outlined in the current Cazenovia College Student Handbook.
  3. There will be no refund of room and board charges to a student who is removed from College housing during the course of the semester.
  4. If the student fails to complete the current year satisfactorily, the College may void this agreement.
  5. The withdrawal date is the date written notice is received by the College; or in cases of academic involuntary withdrawals, the last documented recorded date of attendance in classes.
  6. Note: Tuition, housing and board costs for any sessions distinctive from fall and spring semesters are not included in tuition, room and board, or other fees covering the fall and spring semesters. Students wishing to reside on campus during the sessions distinctive from fall and spring semesters must pay additional fees for such room and board, regardless of academic standing or distribution of credits across the academic year. Housing and board fee information for any sessions distinctive from fall and spring semesters is available from the Cazenovia College Enrollment Services Center.

Refund Policy for Institutional Charges
Refunds for institutional charges are made only after an official withdrawal form is completed. Withdrawal forms are available in the Enrollment Services Center and must be completed by the Enrollment Services Center. All refunds are based on the official withdrawal date noted on the withdrawal form. The refund will include tuition, room and board.
1st week (until end of Add/Drop Period): 100 percent of tuition, room, board and fees
2nd week: 75 percent of tuition, room, board and fees 
3rd week: 50 percent of tuition, room, board and fees 
4th week: 25 percent of tuition, room, board and fees 
5th week and after: No refund

Refund Policy for Financial Aid Recipients
All students receiving Title IV funds are subject to the Return of Title IV Funds federal regulation. If a student withdraws through 60 percent of the payment period, the amount of Title IV aid will be pro-rated and returned to the Department of Education.

All institutional grants and scholarships will also be calculated and assessed in equal percentages to the refund policy associated with institutional charges. Alternative and institutional loans will be adjusted to need.

Students receiving New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grants are subject to refund guidelines as established by New York State Higher Education Services Corporation.