Recognizing that good teaching is a career-long process of growth and development, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers on-going support in pedagogical development.  The Faculty Steering Committee on teaching development serves to promote and support the development of teaching at Cazenovia College.  The committee identifies priorities for improving teaching, helps plan initiatives and events, seeks sources of funding, and coordinates participation in workshops and activities with CTL staff.
The Faculty Steering Committee promotes the following:
  • Informal Teaching Circles: groups of 5-8 faculty and staff members who meet regularly to discuss pedagogical issues, share ideas about classroom practice, and address concerns particular to teaching at Cazenovia;
  • Virtual Center for Teaching and Learning: provides internet access to information and resources that encourage faculty growth and development;
  • Guest speakers and workshops: allow faculty to share ideas, best practices, and troubleshooting advice with one another as well as with respected authorities in the field;
  • Teaching Resource Library (Academic Toolbox): provides a collection of books, journals and videos on scholarly research on teaching, assessment, et cetera, and;
  • Teaching & Learning Proposals: provides an opportunity for faculty to improve student learning by providing them with monetary resources for major course development or course enhancement efforts or the integration of scholarship and professional development within the classroom.