HE 110 Community First Aid and Safety
1 credit (CS)

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize emergencies, make decisions regarding care, and carry out appropriate first aid until professional medical help arrives. Students practice rescue breathing, choking relief, CPR and first aid skills for adults, children and infants. The course also includes information on the prevention of injury and illness. American Red Cross certification in Community First Aid and Safety is awarded upon completion of the course. There is an additional cost of $35 for the First Aid Training. (Offered annually)

Health Care Management

HC 110 Introduction to Health Care Management
3 credits (CS)

This course is an introduction to health care and health promotion as a profession and a career. Topics include competencies for health professionals, history of health care in the United States, health determinants, philosophical base of health, theories on behavioral and organizational changes, resources and professional organizations. Emphasis on the process and practice of health care in society, the organization and the individual. Other topics will include practices in health care, hospital and medical staff organization, patient records, retention, budgeting, and third-party reimbursement.

HC 210 Medical Terminology
3 credits (CS)

This course is focused on structure, meaning, and use of medical terms with emphasis on those relating to disease, and operations performed on the human body. Study will cover integumentary, musculoskeletal, nervous, sensory, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, genitourinary, digestive, and pharmacology.

HC 310 Legal Aspects of Health Care
3 credits (CS)

This course will include a study of accreditation and regulatory agencies for health care facilities, including the study of medical/legal aspects of medical records, the medical record as a legal document, confidential communication, the United States Court structure, and legal procedure and patient consents. Other topics will include the study and application of quality/utilization/risk management and physician credentialing. Prerequisite: HC 110 Introduction to Health Care Management.

HC 320 Long-Term Health Care
3 credits (CS)

This course introduces and compares the major assessment and planning models used with the allied health professionals. Models discussed include precede/post/PATCH, a diagnostic approach to planning that will encompass social, epidemiological, behavioral, educational, administrative diagnoses, and evaluation will be stressed. Other topics include cost/benefit in relation to worksite health promotion, wellness models, health risk appraisals, fitness testing and diversity. Prerequisite: HC 110 Introduction to Health Care Management.

HC 330 Current Trends in Health Care
3 credits (CS)

This course is focused on topics related to current issues and research as related to the health care profession. Emphasis is placed on consumer, professional, and societal impact of current trends observed, documented, and researched. Prerequisite: HC 110 Introduction to Health Care Management.

HC 410 Health Care Planning
3 credits (CS)

This course is focused on the development and knowledge of those skills necessary to plan and implement health promotion/wellness in a variety of settings. Issues of interest to health professionals such as health care management and cost containment, goal setting, assessing organizational needs, program evaluation, and marketing program intervention are addressed. Prerequisite: HC 110 Introduction to Health Care Management.