WG 110 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
3 credits

This course seeks to provide an introductory overview of the transdisciplinary field of Women's and Gender Studies. The course begins with the history of the suffragist movement in the United States and expands to encompass contemporary views of women's rights, gender, and sexuality both nationally and internationally. This course asks students to understand, question, and reflect on myriad issues such as maternity rights, the notion of "women's work," social norms surrounding physical appearance, gendered violence, and socioeconomic forces.
WG 381 Internship in Women's and Gender Studies
3 or 6 credits
(May only be taken once)
This course is designed to provide upper level students in the Women's and Gender Studies minor with the opportunity to further develop and apply their knowledge in the professional world. To that end the student will participate in a structured, supervised internship experience at an appropriate venue related to the women’s and gender studies field, in conformance with a signed Internship Learning Agreement. Opportunity for support and reflection will also be provided. Please refer to your signed Learning Agreement for further information regarding specific Learning Objectives and Learning Activities at the Internship Site. Prerequisites: EN 201 Academic Writing II, CM 121 Effective Speaking, and WG 110 Women's and Gender Studies.
WG 440 Advanced Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
3 credits

This course exposes students to theoretical and applied understandings of gender and the role of women in academic fields and professional settings. This course will be team taught with rotating instructors; the content will depend on the faculty members' expertise, topics of contemporary interest, and the needs and interests of the student population.  Prerequisites: WG 110 Women's and Gender Studies.