Fall 2021 FYS Courses

BU 101A4-01 – FYS Food for Thought
The grass-roots Farm-to-Table movement has transitioned from a fad to a new way of
producing, eating and thinking about food. This course explores how Farm to Table and the
Local Food Movement is interrelated socially, culturally and economically to create and
sustain a productive, healthy food supply for communities and the environment. Students
will study current topics of organic and sustainable agriculture with a weekly experience
preparing and eating food from local farms and green markets. A comparison of various
environmental, economic and health perspectives, in support of this movement, will be
researched through on-line data bases and interviews. Written, visual and media
assignments will correspond with food preparation (and eating!) experiences to immerse
students in this very current and tasty topic.
Instructor: Elise Thayer

CJ 101A2-01 – FYS Hostage Negotiations: Lessons Learned - Living a Balanced Life
This course will explore the science and tradecraft drawn on by Hostage Negotiators to help
develop life skills students can incorporate into daily life. Although this course will be taught
from the law enforcement lens of crisis negotiations, students will be focusing on things like
how to; de-escalate situations, develop emotional intelligence, and find common ground
even in the face of conflict. Furthermore, students will be provided with the knowledge
necessary to live a happy fulfilled balanced life and taught effective habits of success in
college and beyond.
Instructor: Ben Baughman

EQ 101A1-01 – FYS Current Hot Topics in the Horse Industry
The purpose of this course is to increase the student’s awareness and understanding of
issues that are currently affecting the horse industry; and to examine the place that these
issues hold in the external social, economic, ethical and legal environments. Subject matter
may include equine health issues & their place in the agricultural environment; United States
Equestrian Federation concerns and their impact on sports and society in the United States;
matters affecting the equine competition arena and how they are perceived by the public;
employment issues in the horse industry and immigration concerns; and other relevant
topics that are being addressed in the media. Students will be required to research current
issues in the horse industry and the course will facilitate discussion and possible
debate of these issues. Individual and group oral presentations will be emphasized.
Instructor: Amy Sherrick-von Schiller

FA 101A2-01 – FYS Finding Your Creativity
Think you are not creative? Think again! This course will look at the concept of creativity
and the many ways people are creative through the examination of artistry in its various
forms from the visual arts as presented in museums and galleries to the ways art is 
disseminated for mass consumption via mediums such as film, music, and television
programs. We will also look the unsanctioned art practices of street performers, subway
buskers, and graffiti artists. Students will not only read about creativity and how it has been
used throughout history, but engage in creative games, activities, constructions, and field
trips as well. This course will offer students a way to discover their inner artist, and for those
students who are artists, it will serve as a forum to expand and grow their creative practice.
Instructor: David Rufo

FD 101A2-01 – FYS It’s a D.I.Y. World
Join the Do-It-Yourself Movement and discover why this global trend is catching on
everywhere as a means to create, engage and connect through hands-on making. Create
projects that will inspire, provide unique, personalized products and develop a creative
outlet to de-stress from your hectic life. Students will explore how DIYers form communities
to share creations and information via on-line platforms. We will experience this
phenomenon directly in the creation of our own DIY group composed of class members who
will explore repurposing, crafting and creating in many different forms and materials based
upon student input and interest.
Instructor: Karen Steen

HU 101A2-01 – FYS Discovering Your Inner Playwright
In this course, students will engage in creative writing assignments that emphasize the
development of characters, plot, and dialogue as they work toward the creation of dramatic
scenes and their own, original one act plays. Class time will involve mini-lectures that explore
the history and evolution of playwriting, group work wherein students share their own
writing and read short plays aloud, and writing workshops that feature exercises designed
to foster creativity.
Instructor: Roxy Spano

SA 101A1-01 – FYS Kiln-Formed Glass

Have you ever wanted to make plates, tiles, or jewelry out of glass? In Kiln-Formed Glass you
will learn to use kilns and torches to make beautiful and intriguing glass objects. By the end of
the term, you will have shaped glass by fusing, slumping and kiln-casting. Kiln-formed glass
gives you an opportunity to explore a wide range of color and texture as you design and
fabricate one-of-a kind glass objects.
Instructor: Kim Waale

SA 101A4-01 – FYS Collage: Some Assembly Required

Do you like to save interesting small things? Fortune cookie fortunes, stickers, magazine
images, beautiful wrapping paper, shiny things? Do you play around with your digital images
and selfies? You might be a collage artist waiting to happen! Collage is the art of piecing
together fragments into a new whole. It’s a great way to make art (without drawing) – and
recycle in the process! In this class, we’ll learn about some of the first collage artists, like 
Picasso, and some of the most interesting, like Hannah Hoch. We’ll explore 2D, 3D and digital
collage, and have an entertaining time combining colors, textures, photos, 3D objects and
popular culture images. The results may surprise you!
Instructor: Anita Welych

SB 101A6-01 – FYS Bounce! Cultivating Resilience

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? This question is commonly asked by
motivational speakers, and it’s great for helping us realize what we value. But we know we
can fail. We see it all the time, in schoolwork, in athletics, and in relationships. Some people
suffer anxiety, like test anxiety, or fear of forming a new relationship, or not trying out for a
sports team. Others seem to move through a variety of activities, including failures, without
harm. In this course, we’ll examine the idea of resilience, what it is, how it works, and how to
cultivate it. We’ll examine our own anxieties and fears and explore the idea of “failing
upward.” Class activities will include readings, writing, interactive games, and discussion.
This class is suitable for students in all programs.
Instructor: Chris Geyer

SB 101A8-01 – FYS Advocates for Children

Do you want to provide a voice for those who cannot vote? Do you want to learn how to
represent the emerging needs of children around the globe? This course will present over
100 urban and rural agencies and services for children. Moreover, we will explore competing
rights, the legislative system, immigration, mass media, enrichment resources, and child
protection. Furthermore, we will cover a myriad of services including; health, diagnostic,
social, family, educational, and legal. Also, you will be introduced to a variety of guest
speakers which have made a direct impact as child advocates. Walk in this course with
curiosity and leave with civic engagement goals to support the future generations!
Instructor: Jessica Essary

SB 101A9-01 – FYS Character Strengths Matter: How to Live a Full Life

What are character strengths? What meaningful role does character play in your ability to
thrive? Derived from the field of positive psychology, the term character strengths have
become synonymous with a group of 24 unique human characteristics developed by the VIA
Institute of Character. Character strengths hold the key to help you begin to know yourself
better, and the more you know yourself, the more you can flourish. This course will dive into
why character strengths matter, how you can identify and apply your character strengths,
along with actionable steps you can take to start living those strengths. Learn to appreciate
and ignite your positive personality to thrive!
Instructor: Jesse Lott

SM 101A1-01 – FYS Life In and On the Lake

We investigate organisms that live in, on, or around local lakes in relationship to their 
environment and in the context of lake-watershed stewardship. These organisms include
fish, invertebrates, amphibians, waterfowl, plants, and algae. This course is not
recommended for students who are uncomfortable with outdoor exercise, fresh air, water,
mud, and/or slimy things. Laboratory activities are all “hands-on” and will be outdoors in, on,
or near some water body unless weather makes this impractical. You will frequently get your
hands and clothes dirty and smelly, and you will at least occasionally be uncomfortably cold
and perhaps even miserable. Your oldest pair of sneakers will be sacrificed. Fulfills the lab
science requirement. Get an insider look at this class at #lifeonthelakecazenoviacollege.  
Instructor: Thad Yorks

SM 101A6-01 – FYS Nature and People

Humans and nature have been intricately tied to each other for thousands of years. In this
course we will begin by exploring the various meanings and uses of the term nature. Then,
through discussion and various fun and thought-provoking class activities, we will examine
the intersection of nature with art, religion, recreation, and human needs and health. One or
more half-day field trips will be scheduled during the semester.
Instructor: Barb Hager