Fall 2022 FYS Courses

BU 101A3-01 FYS Cope & Reduce Stress in Your Life 
Students will explore and identify their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social stressors to create a balanced approach to reducing and managing stress. An array of traditional and holistic approaches will be introduced and demonstrated throughout the course. Beginning with time management lectures and activities, students will identify barriers and create personalized strategies to become successful college students. Upon completion of the course, students will understand stress, stress-reducing strategies, and stress-reducing techniques. In addition, they will learn the tenants of mindfulness and take part in Mindfulness activities.  
Instructor: Joni Koegel

FD 101A2-01 FYS It’s a D.I.Y. World

Join the Do-It-Yourself movement and discover why this global trend to create, engage and connect through hands-on making is catching on everywhere. Students will research, read and write about DIY practices and projects that are trending now and how DIYers share creations and information via digital media and in-person communication. Hands-on projects that inspire creative outlets for destressing from your busy life and provide unique products will be explored in this class as we develop a DIY group of class members. Assignments will include written papers, oral presentations and crafting, and creating a variety of DIY projects.
Instructor: Karen Steen

HU 101A2-01 FYS Discovering Your Inner Playwright

In this course, students will engage in creative writing assignments that emphasize the development of characters, plot, and dialogue as they work toward the creation of dramatic scenes and their own, original one act plays. Class time will involve mini-lectures that explore the history and evolution of playwriting, group work wherein students share their own writing and read short plays aloud, and writing workshops that feature exercises designed to foster creativity.
Instructor: Roxy Spano

SA 101A1-01 FYS Kiln-Formed Glass

Have you ever wanted to make plates, tiles, or jewelry out of glass? In Kiln-Formed Glass you will learn to use kilns and torches to make beautiful and intriguing glass objects. By the end of the term, you will have shaped glass by fusing, slumping and kiln-casting. Kiln-formed glass gives you an opportunity to explore a wide range of color and texture as you design and fabricate one-of-a kind glass objects.
Instructor: Kim Waale

SA 101A2-01 FYS Pics or it Didn’t Happen: The Networked Lens 

This course will examine the current phenomenon to record and share every aspect of our lives through photography and video. Images have become a means for not only proving something has happened, but also to communicate and react to the world. Crime, news, art, security, ethics and social identity are all being impacted by the global proliferation of photography and video. Through readings, discussions and photography and video projects we will examine how and why we continue to point the lens at the world around us. Students must have access to a camera that records both video and photography (cellphones are acceptable). 
Instructor: Sarah Cross

SA101A3-01 FYS Cover-to-Cover Hand Crafted Books 

Perhaps you have thought of writing or illustrating a book. However, have you ever thought about making a book? In this hands-on course, we will explore the world of handcrafted books – a world that toes the line between art and craft. Together we’ll explore all facets of book-making, including: creating the very paper you’ll use; ways to create sequence and narrative; the use of traditional and novel materials; the integration of text and image; a variety of book-binding techniques; and an exploration of formats and subject matter. By the end of this course, you will be able to create books that can serve as journals, scrapbooks and gifts, as well as fine art and social expression.
Instructor: Anita Welych

SB 101A1-01 FYS Imagination Unbound 

This course will help you to explore your unique talents and inborn creativity by engaging your imagination. You will regain the inquisitiveness of your childhood, meet new challenges with confidence, find your passion and enhance your inspiration through the principles of wisdom, perspective, optimism, curiosity, empathy and emotional intelligence. Your imagination is an endless renewable resource you can tap into at any time. It is as natural as breathing and just as necessary for leading a successful and fulfilling life.
Instructor: Jesse Lott

SB 101A6-01 FYS Bounce! Cultivating Resilience

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? This question is commonly asked by motivational speakers, and it’s great for helping us realize what we value. But we know we can fail. We see it all the time, in schoolwork, in athletics, and in relationships. Some people suffer anxiety, like test anxiety, or fear of forming a new relationship, or not trying out for a sports team. Others seem to move through a variety of activities, including failures, without harm. In this course, we’ll examine the idea of resilience, what it is, how it works, and how to cultivate it. We’ll examine our own anxieties and fears and explore the idea of “failing upward.” Class activities will include readings, writing, interactive games, and discussion. This class is suitable for students in all programs.
Instructor: Chris Geyer

SM 101A1-01 FYS Life In and On the Lake

We investigate organisms that live in, on, or around local lakes in relationship to their environment and in the context of lake-watershed stewardship. These organisms include fish, invertebrates, amphibians, waterfowl, plants, and algae. This course is not recommended for students who are uncomfortable with outdoor exercise, fresh air, water, mud, and/or slimy things. Laboratory activities are all “hands-on” and will be outdoors in, on, or near some water body unless weather makes this impractical. You will frequently get your hands and clothes dirty and smelly, and you will at least occasionally be uncomfortably cold and perhaps even miserable. Your oldest pair of sneakers will be sacrificed. Fulfills the lab science requirement. Get an insider look at this class at #lifeonthelakecazenoviacollege.  
Instructor: Thad Yorks

SM 101A3-01 FYS Human Diet and Nutrition 

This course introduces the basic principles of human diet and nutrition with an emphasis on personal nutrition. Topics will include a brief overview of the digestive system, understanding nutrients and nutrient sources, nutritional requirements, nutritional disorders, and comparing nutritional needs for various developmental stages (pregnancy, lactation, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and sports nutrition). We will also evaluate food products and diets as a wise consumer.  Lecture only, but some class periods will involve simple laboratory experiments to supplement lecture material.  
Instructor: Emily Flynn

SM 101A7-01 FYS Math Heroes!

Who were the great mathematicians from the past? Who had the knowledge and foresight to move us forward in leaps and bounds? You may know some of these great minds but many of the greatest scientific contributions were made by mathematicians who are not that well known. This course will look at some of those heroes and how they changed the world! We will also review early mathematical developments that contributed to the mathematics that we study today.
Instructor: John Livermore

VC 101A1-01 FYS Humorous Cartooning

This studio course will allow students of all drawing abilities to discover the power of humor, and their ability to create it, through the use of the cartoon medium. Through exercises and studio projects, students will learn both basic humorous writing and drawing techniques, and how words and image can work together to make us laugh (or at least smile). Students will be introduced to a variety of humorous cartooning techniques and tools, with projects in different cartoon media, presented in an historical context. Required art supplies: a pencil (other art tools provided).
Instructor: Scott Jensen