Mathematics classes at Cazenovia College are designed to provide all students with the mathematical skills and sense of number that they require to be successful consumers of information as well as to give students the prerequisites that they need for future academic success.  Coursework is created to meet the various needs of the students in the different areas of study at Cazenovia College and to supplement learning in other academic programs.  Also, an emphasis is placed on learning mathematics through appropriate use of technology and real world applications.

Students who come to Cazenovia College with a solid mathematics background or who may have graduate school in their future should consider more advanced mathematics courses such as Pre-Calculus and/or Calculus.  Students interested in Art and Design may wish to enroll in Visual Mathematics, a course designed to meet the needs of design students.

"It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment."
- Carl Friedrich Gauss

Mathematics courses at Cazenovia:

SM 100D Fundamentals of College Mathematics
SM 161 College Algebra
SM 163 Contemporary Mathematics
SM 164 Visual Mathematics
SM 165 Pre-Calculus
SM 261 Statistics
SM 265 Calculus I
SM 266 Calculus II

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Contact Information:

John Livermore
Associate Professor, Mathematics
213 Eckel Hall


Cherie Poland
Visiting Instructor
206 Jephson A