Alpha Chi

Cazenovia College is home to the New York Tau Chapter of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society.  purpose of Alpha Chi, a coeducational honor society, is to promote academic excellence and exemplary character among college students, and to honor those who achieve such distinction. As a general honor society, Alpha Chi admits to membership students from all academic disciplines. As a phrase from the society’s constitution suggests, Alpha Chi seeks to find ways to assist students in ― making scholarship effective for good.

Membership is restricted to students with full junior or senior standing, who are in the top 10 percent of the class, and who are carrying a 3.5 cumulative average or above. Eligible students are invited to join Alpha Chi in the spring of each year, and are inducted the following fall.


Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta is the national freshman honor society for first-year students at Cazenovia College. Alpha Lambda Delta was founded in 1924 to honor excellent academic achievement by students in their first year of study in higher education, to promote continued high standards of learning and the development of meaningful goals for their roles in society. One of the most important goals of Alpha Lambda Delta is to be actively involved with the community.

The major requirement for membership is a 3.5 grade point average achieved during either the first term of the freshman year or for the first year overall. Members are inducted either in the spring term of their freshman year or at the beginning of their sophomore year.


Alpha Phi Sigma

Alpha Phi Sigma is the National Criminal Justice Honor Society that recognizes academic excellence of students enrolled in the criminal justice program. To become a member, the student must have completed one-third of his or her total hours required for graduation at Cazenovia College, and must be recommended by the chapter advisor. Membership in the society requires students to maintain a minimum of 3.2 overall GPA, and a 3.2 GPA in criminal justice courses. Students must also rank in the top 35% of their classes and have completed a minimum of four courses within the criminal justice curriculum. The Honor Society is open to those with a declared criminal justice major or minor. Students are inducted into the Honor Society in the spring term.


Beta Beta Beta

The Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) Biological Honor Society includes over 670 campus chapters nationwide. It emphasizes stimulation of scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research.

Regular membership is available to biology and environmental biology majors that: a) have completed three full-time semesters, b) have completed at least three courses in biological science, of which at least one is not an introductory course, with an average grade of B, and c) are in good academic standing. Associate membership is available to biology minors meeting the above requirements. Established in 2015, Cazenovia College’s Rho Delta Beta Chapter inducts new members near the end of each spring semester during a formal student-run ceremony. For more information about the national organization, visit


Kappa Delta Pi

For over a century, Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education has offered teacher candidates and professional educators a variety of opportunities to collaborate and excel.  Our Cazenovia College chapter of KDP is of more than 145 chapters around the world.  Benefits from KDP membership include a career center, classroom grants, teacher scholarships, meeting invitations, conference opportunities, graduation honor cords from leadership recognition, publications, and other opportunities throughout the year. Historically, KDP is proud to be the first education honor society to support inclusive education and open membership for all gender affiliations.  Membership requires maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 or above, leadership excellence, participation in service projects, and an annual membership fee.  For more information, visit


Kappa Pi

Cazenovia College houses the Theta Psi chapter of Kappa Pi. The oldest and largest art honor society, Kappa Pi was founded in 1911 and currently counts with 71 recognized chapters nationally and internationally. Kappa Pi promotes artistic achievement at the collegiate level by recognizing students with exceptional talent, creativity and scholarship. Community service is encouraged. Students from any major with at least 12 credits of studio art (SA) or fine art (FA) credits may apply for membership if they fulfill the following requirements: 3.0 overall GPA, and a 3.3 GPA in their studio art or fine arts courses.


Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the national communication honor society. LPH was founded in 1985 and is associated with the National Communication Society. Found on over 400 colleges and universities, LPH is dedicated to promoting and recognizing undergraduate achievements in the scholarship of communication. LPH seeks to develop close relationships between students and faculty and to encourage graduate education in the field. The requirements for membership include the completion of 60 credit hours (12 in Communication Studies), and a 3.0 grade point average (3.25 GPA in Communication Studies courses).


Pi Gamma Mu

Pi Gamma Mu encourages and recognizes superior scholarship in social-science disciplines and fosters cooperation and social service among its members. Pi Gamma Mu's constitution defines the social sciences to include the disciplines of history, political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, psychology, international relations, criminal justice, social work, social philosophy, history of education, and cultural/human geography. Membership is also extended to interdisciplinary social-science areas that build on the core social-science disciplines, such as business and society, education, minority studies, public administration, international studies, public finance, leadership studies, consumer behavior, public policy and organizational behavior. Membership requires 3.5 grade point average, and completion of at least 20 credits in the social sciences. Students are inducted annually in the fall.


Psi Chi

The Psi Chi Honor Society is specifically for students in the Psychology program. The chapter at Cazenovia College recognizes academic excellence, service to the campus and community, and fosters creative development in the field of psychology.

Students are inducted to Psi Chi in the spring term. Membership requirements are as follows: must be at least a second-semester sophomore, must be enrolled in the Bachelor of Science psychology program, or minor in psychology, must have completed at least 9 credits of psychology courses, must have an overall GPA, and GPA in psychology courses, of at least 3.00.


Sigma Tau Delta

 Sigma Tau Delta is an international English honor society that recognizes excellence among students enrolled in English literature courses at Cazenovia College.  The following membership criteria must be met in order to join Sigma Tau Delta: 3.0 cumulative GPA, and a 3.0 GPA in at least two English courses beyond EN 101 and EN 201. Membership is open to students in any degree program.  Members of Sigma Tau Delta are expected to promote interest in literature and the English language through activities hosted and organized by the society.


Tau Upsilon Alpha

The Tau Upsilon Alpha Honor Society is specifically for students in the Human Services Program. The Mu chapter at Cazenovia College recognizes academic excellence, encourages quality service delivery in human services and promotes the empowerment of all individuals within the society.

Students may apply in the fall of the academic year for induction in the spring. In order to apply, students must be enrolled in the Human Services Program, must have completed at least 3 full-time semesters toward a bachelor’s degree, have a grade point average of 3.25, be in the highest 35% of their class and demonstrate a strong commitment to the human services field.