What type of projects need to be submitted to the IRB?
Anyone conducting research that may be presented or disseminated outside of the classroom should submit a proposal to be reviewed by the IRB. The IRB only reviews research proposals, information that is collected in a journalistic capacity is not under the purview of the IRB.
Who submits proposals to the IRB?
Only faculty can submit proposals to the IRB. Students who wish to conduct research at the college must do so under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. The faculty member should submit the proposal to the IRB. Faulty members may also submit exempt proposals on behalf of a class (e.g., capstone). (See below for more information on exempt proposals.)
What type of proposal should I submit?
There are two types of proposals: exempt and full. Exempt proposals are designed for research projects in which no deception is used, participants are not exposed to discomfort or distress, participants are all 18 or older, AND participants are not members of a protected population (e.g., children, inmates). Full proposals must be submitted for any projects that do not meet all of the criteria necessary for an exempt proposal. 
What is the process for submitting to the IRB?
All proposal forms can be found online at www.cazenovia.edu/IRB. Digital submissions are encouraged from the email of the faculty member sponsoring the submission. 
Do faculty members submit one proposal for each student project?
Faculty are encouraged to submit an exempt proposal on behalf of their course if possible. Exempt proposals only require a general description of proposed research and can be written to apply to all projects conducted by a class (e.g., students will administer anonymous surveys to students and professionals that contain no questions of a sensitive nature). One the IRB has confirmed exempt status, there is no need to resubmit on behalf of the class unless there are changes to the nature of the projects. Many faculty choose to submit a general exempt proposal for their capstone or research methods proposal. As long as that faculty member supervises capstone projects under the parameters stated in the proposal, there is no need to submit a new proposal every semester. Should individual projects require additional approval, those projects can be submitted individually as needed.
How long does IRB review take?
Exempt proposal are reviewed within 7 days or receipt. Full proposals require a minimum of two weeks for full committee review.