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Starting in Fall 2022, Cazenovia students will have the chance to spend a semester studying abroad in Athens, Greece. Students will attend classes and activities through our partner, the Hellenic American University (HAU). HAU offers a wide range of courses, all taught in English, including programs in Business, Engineering, Language, Music, and Psychology. HAU will also create opportunities for students to travel throughout the country and be immersed in the culture and history of Greece. 
For the study abroad semester in Greece, students will stay fully enrolled at Cazenovia, be eligible for financial aid, and all credits will be pre-approved to transfer. Students attending the HAU program in Greece will be independent and plan their own travel. Cazenovia students can enroll in up to 15 credits at HAU. If Fall 2022 does not work for your academic plans, there are options participate in short-term summer programs as well