About this International Study Experience

Where can you find invaders, dissenters, musicians, artists, poets, politicians, scientists, horsemen, brew masters, farmers, rugby players, shoppers, hurlers, designers, weavers, architects, merchandisers, historians, martyrs, sailors, and others? Ireland!

This interdisciplinary course introduced students to the richness that is Ireland through exploring its culture – past and present. It examined topics such as The Irish Potato Famine, the sinking of the Titanic, the Book of Kells, the "Troubles" and more. This course was held over eight days during spring break. Students explored sites – both historic and contemporary – in and around Ireland's capital city: Dublin. There were also opportunities for students to conduct research related to their major.

This Special Topics course, OS 215/315 Special Topic – Peat, Potatoes, and Pubs: The Culture of Ireland (Untying the Celtic Knot), was cross-listed so that students were able to apply the credits as (1) general education credits, or (2) elective credits applied to their major, or (3) elective credits toward the degree.


Photo: The Custom House, Dublin, Ireland. Taken by Cazenovia College student Renee Johnson.