All students in the Psychology Program can participate in supervised internships. These internships provide students with valuable hands-on experience working in their chosen fields. Students can work at a variety of locations, depending on their specific goals. Students who are interested in internships should contact their advisors for help with placement.

Steps to internship placement:
  • During the semester BEFORE you plan to do your internship
  • Contact the program director and indicate your interest in doing an in internship
  • Indicate your areas of interest (populations, age groups, future career plans)
  • Indicate the semester you plan to complete the internship
  • Provide program director with your resume
    • If you do not have a resume, contact Career Services to create one. You will need a resume to apply to internship sites.
  • Meet with the program director to select potential sites
  • Program director contacts site
  • Student schedules an interview
  • Student contacts program director regarding outcome of interview
  • In not placed, begin process with another choice
You will be interviewed by your potential site for your internship placement. Please take this interview seriously and dress as if you were applying for a job. Please bring your resume to give to your interviewer and bring your information about the internship including the hours needed and the timeframe so that you can answer questions with accurate information.

You must meet with your advisor and/or the program director to discuss your internship BEFORE you register. Because the Psychology program does not require an internship there is no Psychology Internship course. If you enroll in another program’s internship without permission from the Psychology program director, you will be dropped from the course. The majority of your internship hours must be completed during the semester you are register for the internship course. Plan to complete your internship by the end of the semester, although alternative arrangements can be made.

Internship Hours
You must complete at least 150 hours over the semester for a 6 credit internship, 75 hours for a 3 credit internship. These hours do not include travel time or breaks.

Summer Internships
Summer internships are available and recommended. This can allow you to pursue an internship in a different area. Keep in mind that summer tuition is not part of the financial aid package and Office of Extended Learning rates apply to summer internships.

Internship Course
Because our internship class typically runs as an independent study, the meeting times will be determined by the instructor when you sign up for the class. There are assignments that must be completed outside of your internship hours. Contact the program director for a sample syllabus.