Students can now grant proxy access to their online Self-Service account. What is proxy access? Proxy access is permission granted to a person other than the student (such as a parent, sibling, guardian, etc.) who the student has chosen to allow access to certain personal information from the College including academic, financial aid and/or student account information. Students who choose to grant proxy access have complete control over the access for their account and can edit or revoke the access at any time.


Directions for Granting Proxy Access (pdf)

Request to Add Proxy Access (pdf)


FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Questions by Proxies (Parents/Guardians)


Who do I contact if I have a question about Proxy?
For log in questions including forgotten usernames or passwords, contact our ICT helpdesk at (315) 655-7777. For any other questions, contact the Enrollment Services Center at (315) 655-7888 or email

How can my student add an additional proxy user that is not already listed in Self-Service?
The student will need to email the Registrar’s Office at or stop by the Enrollment Services Center located on the first floor of Coleman Hall (near the mailboxes) to complete the required form. The Registrar’s Office will add the new user to the student’s Select a Proxy drop-down selection, but the student will need to give the proxy user access to their account in Self-Service.

When a proxy is given access to multiple students, can the access granted be different for each student?
Yes. Each student who grants proxy access has complete control over the access for their account.

Can Caz staff make updates to what a proxy can view for a student?
No. College staff cannot change the permission settings for proxies. Only the student granting the proxy access can change the permissions that are granted.

A proxy used to be able to see the information, but now cannot. What happened?
The student is in control of the information that a proxy can view. If the proxy can no longer see information, the proxy should contact the student.

A proxy received an e-mail stating that proxy access has been updated or removed. What happened?
The student has modified or removed the access to his or her account. Only the student can change a proxy’s access. No one at Caz can do so.

I am a proxy for my student. How do I log into Self-Service?
The Self-Service web address is Use the username that was sent to you via email and the password that you selected.

I am a proxy for my student. I want to pay the tuition bill. How do I do that?
After you have accessed your student’s account, click on Student Finance, then click on Make a Payment. Click the checkbox to the left of the correct semester (there may be more than one). Then at top of screen, select your payment method. After the appropriate account information has been entered, click Pay Now.