August 11, 2020 – Returning to Campus - Last Video!!

August 11, 2020

Hello all!

I am going to finish my communications with each of you about Move IN just as I started it…Expecting and welcoming your partnership in supporting the health and safety of our campus, our employees, your peers, and each of you! Watch the video and take some important time to review carefully – and one more time – what is noted here to ensure your move in is smooth!

First – ahead of your move in:

New students must submit:

  • Physical Form – completed by your healthcare provider and showing evidence of a physical within the past year.
  • Immunization Form – completed by your healthcare provider and indicating you are current on all forms.
  • Meningitis Waiver Form – you must complete whether you have had the vaccine or not.

All students must submit:

  • COVID-19 viral test administered within the 2 weeks prior to arrival.
  • Emergency and COVID Directive Form on myCaz (instructions)
  • Indication of acceptance or OPT OUT of Gallagher Student Health Insurance plan
  • Copy of front/back of your own health insurance card (if not Gallagher) –  it will be loaded in to your Emergency information on myCaz!

Any questions please contact Kathleen Coombs, or (315) 655-7122 immediately.
Please do your part to support campus community health by completing this documentation in their entirety!

Second - In planning to arrive on campus:

  • Pack light with regard to belongings
  • Bring cleaning supplies
  • Have a 2-week supply of masks, and if you need help finding masks – contact Blake Curtis at
  • Consider packing a lawn or camp chair!

Third - For Move In on August 14 to 17:

  • Be sure you have an appointment date and time! Contact Vicky Sokolowski at
  • Arrive up to (but not more than) 45 minutes in advance of your appointment time, and go directly to the ATHLETICS LOTS for your In-Vehicle Screening and Check In!
  • Put on your mask as soon as you arrive in Cazenovia
  • Be aware and identify up to – but not more than – 2 guests who can help you move in
  • Follow directions at the lot to move through the Vehicle Check In and receive your keys
  • Note where you are directed to park to unload depending on your residential assignment
  • Make sure you and your guests wear your masks at all times during your move in
  • Be courteous in completing your move in and having your guests depart the campus at the end of your 2.5 hour appointment time.
  • New students – visit the Quad for some safe and healthy activities (with masks!), and also to get information about Campus, Village, Caz Lake Tours or getting your ID.
  • All students, get ready to start classes! New students and night classes on August 17, all students on August 18!

Please contact Tiffany Varlaro, Vicky Sokolowski or Elaine Koch if you have any additional questions.


Thank you!