August 5, 2020 – Essential News and Updates - Your Action is Necessary!

August 5, 2020

Calling all Wildcats!

Please check out the latest video! We are now able to share the process and instructions for completing your online Emergency Contact and COVID Directive information for the College. This is the final in a series of actions and items you all need to complete and submit to the College Health Center or online to ensure your access to the campus this fall. I cannot emphasize enough how essential it is that each student complete the following actions. We will not be able to grant access to the residences or to your classes if items are incomplete or missing.


New students must submit:

  1. Physical Form – completed by your healthcare provider and showing evidence of a physical within the past year.
  2. Immunization Form – completed by your healthcare provider and indicating you are current on all forms.
  3. Meningitis Waiver Form – you must complete whether you have had the vaccine or not.

All students must submit:

  1. COVID-19 viral test administered within the 2 weeks prior to arrival and with appropriate documentation of negative results.
  2. Emergency and COVID Directive Form on myCaz (Instructions)
  3. Indication of acceptance or OPT OUT of Gallagher Student Health Insurance plan
  4. Copy of front/back of your own health insurance card (if not Gallagher)

Any questions please contact Kathleen Coombs, or (315) 655-7122 immediately.

Please do your part to support campus community health by completing this documentation in their entirety!

Thank you!