August 7, 2020 – Returning to Campus - Moving In!

August 7, 2020

Good day Cazenovia!

Well it is finally time to check out the video, and learn more about moving in and on to campus! We are excited to welcome you home! Whether you are new to Caz or returning, we are decidedly a family, and families do always come home!

Some foundational items to know about our process this year:

  1. The process is completely different than our past years. So for returning students in particular, please review carefully how we have structured this year's process.
  2. The process is designed to maximize safety for our students, the guests helping them move in, and our employees. Please follow directions carefully so we can maintain all appropriate protocols as we all move through this new experience!
  3. The process will move quickly and smoothly IF you have completed all that is needed for your health and safety documentation and records. This includes:

For New Students:

  • Health History and Physical Form, Meningitis Waiver Form, Immunization Record, COVID test with negative result, Determination of Gallagher Student Health Insurance acceptance or OPT OUT, completion of the Emergency and COVID Directive Form.

For Returning Students:

  • COVID test with negative result, Determination of Gallagher Student Health Insurance acceptance of OPT OUT, completion of Emergency and COVID Directive Form.

Directions and information regarding all forms can be found at the Helpful Information for Students page on the College's website at the link here: Please check the "Documents Library" for additional guidance on all of the above items.

In addition to your documentation above, you will have a successful move in by knowing the following:

  1. Upon arrival to the College via Albany St. you will be directed around campus, up Liberty St. and will begin with Step 1: IN-VEHICLE Check In. This will occur across several levels and with several stations at the Athletics parking lots.
  2. You may arrive at the Athletics lot and start your In-Vehicle Check In up to 45 minutes PRIOR to your actual move in appointment. (e.g 8 am appts can arrive as early as 7:15 am, noon appts as early as 11:15 am, and 4 pm appts as early at 3:15 pm).
  3. Please make sure you and anyone traveling with you puts their mask on as your car arrives at the College. Masks are expected to be worn from the start of check in through move in to the residences, and at any activities during the weekend, whether outside or inside.
  4. Up to - and only - 2 guests can help students with their move in to their room. For managing density and distancing, we need to limit the number of people entering residences at any one time period.
  5. At the In-Vehicle Check In, you will be checked at the following stations:
    1. Health Screening – temperatures will be checked and routine screening questions asked of you and the guests you intend to help you move in.
    2. Documentation Check – We will have tracked all documentation received on each student moving in each day. If you do not have your documentation submitted, you will not be able to continue through move in. You will move to a separate station, and our Assistant Dean for Residence Life will work with you to determine how and if you can retrieve the information needed, and what alternatives are available to students and families who are unable to move in.
    3. Caz Pledge and Key Pick-Up – All students and employees will be expected to sign the Caz Strong Pledge committing to behaviors that support campus health and safety. Once completed, there will be some housing paperwork and then sign out of the keys for your on-campus residence. You may also receive a checklist regarding any missing financial paperwork or billing information.
  6. Once you have completed all the parts of your In-Vehicle Check In process and you have your keys, you will be directed to the appropriate parking area to begin Step 2: RESIDENTIAL Move In.
  7. Your appointment for all of move in is 2.5 hours, regardless of your time of arrival at the In-Vehicle Check In. Your guests must vacate the residences at the published end of your appointment time (e.g. 10:30 am, 2:30 pm, or 6:30 pm). We cannot accommodate extended stays in the residences, as our cleaning staff must have time to disinfect public areas and surfaces between appointments, so please be mindful of your time.
  8. If you have more than 2 guests with you, all others are expected to remain in your vehicle.
  9. For new students, you may get your Student ID and/or join a number of lighter outdoor activities (properly distanced) available from 10 am to 4:30 pm on both move in days.
  10. The Dining Hall will be open and serving meals beginning with lunch on Friday, August 14th. Only students and campus employees will be permitted to eat in the dining hall. We are sorry but no visitors or guests are permitted.

Some other things to note:

  • Once you have moved in, guests and visitors are not permitted in the residences or your room. No one from outside the College, no commuter students, and no visitors from other rooms or residence halls. The College has a number of alternate opportunities for creating appropriate and safe social connections. Those will be outlined upon your arrival.
  • Particularly for returning students, but this applies to all students, you may not allow your roommate to move in to the room if they arrive before their own appointment time. All students must complete all health screenings and documentation reviews at their assigned check in time before entering the residences. It is important that we all do all that we can to support health and safety. Allowing advance access to the room will be considered a violation of our campus guest policy as above.
  • No pets or children under 15 years of age will be permitted in the residences.

Again, I share all of this to help you each understand the lengths the College has gone to support an environment on campus where health, safety, and wellness of the community are expected to be everyone's priority! I also want you to be fully aware of what is needed for you to prepare for a smooth and efficient move in process.

I wish you the best with the next week, and look forward to seeing you here on campus soon!
Take care,