Bianca at Stonehenge


Why is it that time flies when you're having the time of your life? As small moments pass, they begin to form into warm memories you wish you could encapsulate and live again. It feels like I have established a new home with new friends I would dare to call family. The fact that I am leaving in less than a month now is settling in, which has created some panic and stress. Registering the actuality of my fairy tale stay ending in Canterbury and imagining the reality of returning to the states is a difficult thing to process. I hope to offer advice to future students that study abroad.

I would describe the feeling of coming to Canterbury as a child walking into a supersized candy store. I had all these fantasies of the endless possibilities of activities to try, places to travel to, new foods to enjoy. I made great memories transforming these fantasies into real life and I wouldn’t trade those moments for any treasure in the world. I do, however, wish that I had been more conscious of my spending. When studying abroad you have a big responsibility of taking care of yourself, meaning you buy your own groceries and supplies. To achieve all these tasks, you must have a way to support yourself financially. The College provides student travelers with funds to cover food and necessities. It's your job to manage those funds. Be careful about spending in food shops and on personal trips. The place to especially limit yourself spending wise is a clothing shop named Primark. I would call it England’s version of Forever 21, with very reasonable prices and lots of options. Often at the beginning of our stay our group of students would go over and shop after class since it's only a five-minute walk from the campus.

Adjusting to independent living is difficult, especially financially, but I am grateful to have had this experience because it taught me to appreciate my way of life back in the states as well as how to handle myself and my money in a more responsible manner. There will always be new adventures but having that discipline of eating in, or not buying that cute new sweater from Primark does make a difference, and it's important to make sure you prioritize academics. I hope this helps, safe travels.


Bianca Exploring Rochester Castle
Bianca in Scotland