Utayah in Scotland


Sometimes, we tend to get trapped in our own bubbles. We get too comfortable with the familiar and we become limited to our own community, not realizing how other communities function. Traveling is one of many keys to help with self-development. Traveling abroad has helped me step out of my comfort zone and inspired me to see, taste, and try new things. I have learned not only more about myself but also about the communities around me.

Travel gives freedom to explore, learn, and grow. For our week-long break I had the chance to travel to Cardiff, Wales and Edinburgh, Scotland. In these two major cities I got two different impressions. Wales gave me a sense of home with its busy streets and strips of stores and restaurants. It was similar to Canterbury with the student population, being that their Uni was in the heart of town like CCCU. In contrast, Scotland felt like a storybook. From the scenery and architecture to me being able to ride horses in the countryside on a beach. I tried a traditional Scottish breakfast which was appetizing and flavorful. During the trip we did hit some snags, but every trip is not perfect and I still had an amazing time. Having this experience is something I will never regret. I encourage everybody to take the chance to travel despite any worries.

Studying abroad as long as I am and being able to travel on the side has changed me. Having the chance to see the world has refreshed my mind and makes me want to do more, not only in my life but to help others as well. This journey also has helped me engage with new people and embrace adventures that I never thought could happen. While studying abroad I have been living by one motto, live without regrets and travel with no excuses.


The Scott Memorial, Edinburgh
Utayah and friends having fun in Cardiff, Wales.