Cara and a horse


While being in Canterbury allows for travel to many different European countries, traveling within the United Kingdom itself can be just as exhilarating. The United Kingdom is made up of several countries including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Recently, I used the half term break from classes to explore around the UK. I traveled with fellow Cazenovia College students to Wales and Scotland. This was quite the adventure and left us with some unforgettable memories. My impression of Wales was that it is a beautiful country with a plethora of history. Roald Dahl was actually born in the city in Wales that we visited, Cardiff. Additionally, Wales is one of the only countries left that uses the Welsh language.

After immersing ourselves in the culture of Wales, we were off to tour Scotland. I spent most of my time in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. I found Edinburgh to be thoroughly stimulating, with enigmatic architecture and varied topography. The highlight of our visit to Scotland had to be going horseback riding along a private beach. I felt absolutely elated to be able to connect back with nature and the horses and the view was simply breathtaking.

Overall, we had a splendid week with great food, laughs, and priceless experiences. Our entire journey was primarily hassle-free due to the fact that we remained within the United Kingdom. I would recommend making the most of these idiosyncratic, often overlooked countries to every prospective student.


The Scott Monument, Edinburgh, Scotland
Cara On Loch Ness, Scotland