Pavel Buko at the Colosseum in Rome


I would like to start off by thanking Cazenovia College for the opportunity to study abroad in Canterbury. I would also like to thank Sheila Marsh and Patrick Camilien from HEOP; without them I would not even be able to go to college and be a senior about to graduate next semester. I would especially like to thank Charles Harcourt, Kieran Thomsett, and Marc McCarthy for working together to get us here and make this happen during COVID times. To all the other Cazenovia students that also came here to Canterbury, which are Cara McDougal, Bianca White, Utayah Jackson, Jayda Devine, Ashely Paredes, Sarae Perez, Dasbry Enriquez, Janelle Brothers, and Iftikhar Abdal-Ghaffar, this trip would not be the same without you. Thank you all for looking out for each other and making this a smooth trip and almost completely hassle free. The Sites and Sights course was very memorable as well and our journey to make it to the coach in the morning was a difficult one and reminded me of leaving the house slightly late to a family function. This experience has brought all of us closer together.

Last but not least, thank you Professor Louis from all the students! You have been there for all of us and have been very insightful and knowledgeable. I didn’t know you before this trip, but I know that you are the reason this blog sounds so good and you have made me a better writer.

I am so grateful to have a healthy support system in my life. My experience has without a doubt had an impact on me and I am very grateful. I have made friends from other parts of the world! The friendships and memories will last a lifetime. To whoever is reading this, if you have not traveled abroad or if you have the opportunity presented, take it and run! You will thank me later.


Pavel at Rochester Castle
Cazenovia College students along with Charlie Harcourt and Maureen Louis at JFK airport just prior to departure.