Kamille Allen
Kamille’s African-inspired collection reflects her love for print and color. Her collection helps women take a risk and make a bold statement with their clothing, while feeling confident at the same time. Her senior capstone focused on “Marketing High Fashion to Minority Women,” where she explained in-depth how designers need to focus more on the modern day minority customer.  
Rhiannon Begeal
Her inspiration for her senior collection came from her obsession with mermaids, which started after she saw The Little Mermaid. For her collection, she drew inspiration from fairytales and folklore about mermaids from around the world.

Quieesha Fanesse Burns, born and raised in Syracuse, N.Y., designer of BODII BII CORII, began her career studying fashion design and business management at Cazenovia College. She believes in the importance of community involvement, inspiring others and giving back. When she is not designing, she is hosting fashion show fundraisers for the community and informing generations about current issues.  To Quieesha, fashion is “a way to be heard without speaking.” Her collection focuses on the present existence of the glass ceiling; the glass ceiling has not been broken, it has merely been cracked and women are barely squeezing through.  For Queeisha, this body of work aims to “shed light on what has been brushed under the rug.”
Angelique Copes
Angelique’s Collection, “The Statistics & Stereotypes of Parenthood,” is inspired by the categories women are placed in due to their actions or simply by what they choose to wear. The overall storyline of her collection is based on the Scarlett Letter - “Never Judge a Book By its Cover.”
Lindzy Egan
Vibrant colors and personal life experiences have always encouraged Lindzy. So, creating a plus-size clothing line with rich colors seemed natural to her. She took inspiration from an iconic plus-size woman, Queen Latifah, and the beautiful colors of a peacock, which both radiate pride and confidence. Lindzy’s collection represents her personality and style in every way by embodying the pride of being a plus-size woman and that every person is beautiful no matter the size.
Darwin Gordon
Darwin’s senior collection is inspired by royalty and the impacts of Princess Diana. He became very fascinated by the princess after doing research about her life after she married into the royal family. He describes his designs to be a youthful take on evening wear mixed with an edgy sexiness. Darwin had a challenge mixing these elements into his designs, but the line ended up reflecting who he is as a designer. 

Laura Kathryn Jensen
Laura wrote about astrology and horoscope interpretation in her senior capstone paper, and her mystical side inspired her to create her senior collection, “The Age of Aquarius.” Her hand-dyed, ready-to-wear garments each illustrate one the first five zodiac signs. She used the characteristics and personalities of each sign to originate her designs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. Being a Leo, Laura aimed at creating a futuristic twist on her well thought out designs.
Sydnee Lawson
Sydnee’s collection contains many aspects of her design aesthetic including small detailing and sharp style lines with an edgy flare. Her collection was inspired by the women’s rights movement and emphasizes women’s beauty. Sydnee would like to thank her family for their endless support in helping her achieve her dreams!
Shontay Lewis
Shontay’s collection is inspired by the barriers that were demolished during the 1960s and 70s women’s liberation movement. Her admiration for this time period derived from the social changes attained not only with gender roles, but also with the evolution of fashion. Furthermore, when designing, Shontay is recurrently influenced by past fashion icons such as Diana Ross and Twiggy. She decided to interpret these elegant yet liberated looks from these iconic figures into her senior collection.
Sade' Nichel Paige
Sade’s senior collection, Sharks, was inspired by her childhood love for the various species of sharks and the aquariums she used to visit growing up. Her research on the species and the science behind it helped influenced her line. 
Courtney Schadewald,
Tailoring in Europe with a focus on Naples, Italy, and England, is the inspiration for Courtney’s collection. She came up with the idea when she saw a Valentino men’s jacket being produced while interning in Italy. She loves the clean tailored lines and wool fabrics that are used in the men’s suits. Courtney would like to thank her family for making her experiences possible and for helping her pursue her dreams.
Charlie Searle
Charlie’s fascination with the lingerie industry has inspired her senior collection with the sexual revolution of the “Roaring Twenties.”  This time period created a new beginning for women, the music industry, and most importantly, the fashion industry. Women’s fashion became more revealing with shorter hemlines and deeper necklines with beads, sequins and lace appliqués added to each garment. Heavy drinking and partying became an entirely new lifestyle for these women. The 1920s created the iconic flapper girl and her ability to charm the world. This inspiration has challenged Charlie to create her own bold, charming and sexy modern-day flapper girl.
Molly Sears
Molly would like to dedicate her collection to her loving and supportive family who has always been by her side. These looks were inspired by Molly’s passion for 1950s style and the iconic life of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. This resort wear collection channels the effortless and sophisticated style of the first lady and is complete with separates for any occasion on an extravagant summer getaway.
Erica Spinillo
Erica’s collection is strongly inspired by the “Roaring Twenties.” Between Clara Bow, the flappers and the emergence of rebellion, her collection pulls together a very powerful independent look. She has designed a glamorous line consisting of furs, embellishments, beading and tweeds. Erica captures a mixture of both sides of the twenties by combining the strong independent masculine feel with the glamorous flapper style. She has used her rich taste in fabrications and strong creative ability to create a luxurious twenties filled collection.
Sherley Telus
Sherley's senior collection, “Versailles,” was inspired by her trip to Versailles in France. She focuses on the lifestyle of Louis XIV in the 18th century. Her fabrics draw from the beauty of the area, especially the exquisite murals and green gardens. Her silhouettes capture the excessive nature of the royals who used to inhabit Versailles. Overall, Sherley hopes her line will give a haute couture feel, a standard that was created by Louis XIV.        
Sha’nise Thomas
Sha’nise’s collection is inspired by five iconic Disney princesses and body image. When it comes to body image, she wants to show that women can be beautiful without having to be stick thin. The media today gives the wrong impression by showing young women pictures of super skinny models and having girls feel like they need to look like Barbie or the Disney princesses.