What does a paparazzi photographer, a textile designer, a workshop coordinator, a museum preparator and a photo lecturer have in common?? They're ALL Caz College alums!! Students and faculty were lucky in early April to welcome their own back into the fold. Alums from L > R ::
Chaz Bedford, BFA 2013 - working with celebrity photography
Maria Sakran, BFA 2013 - textile designer
Bree Dale, The Uncorked Canvas,‎, Studio Art, BFA 2009
Kari O'Mara, Photo, BFA 2010 - employed by The Herbert Johnson Museum in Ithaca and
Kathleen Deep,, Photo and photo lecturer in CT, BFA 2010
all returned to give an hour long round table discussion to students and faculty about "life after college" and all that Cazenovia had prepared them for.  It was an informal gathering of Caz family turned 'professionals.'
All are doing an excellent job in their various creative careers - and it's clear, each agree that their undergraduate careers here really assisted them in what they're doing now!
Congratulations to all of them!!