Flickr recently announced their Top 20 Under 20 Photographers of 2014.  The list contains an impressive range of work from around the world, and a quick look through the work reveals a familiar face.  Cazenovia Photography student Brittany Juravich is the subject of one of Alex Benetel's photographs.  Benetel, an Australian photographer captured Brittany in the midst of New York City.  The unlikely connection of a Cazenovia student and an Australian photographer happened entirely through the power of social media and it's just one of the many connections Brittany has made with other photographers. 

This past summer Brittany met up as part of the New York State Flickr Gathering.  Fifteen young photographers from all over the world met up in Phoenicia, NY.  The location was convenient for Brittany – a mere 40 minutes from her internship in Woodstock.  However, other photographers traveled as far as California, Canada, Mexico and England.  Eight of the photographers had met up once before, but for many of them it was the first time meeting in person, having only known each other through flickr and social media.  The group set out on day after day of photo shoots.  Through the mountains, abandoned hotel ruins, Woodstock and the rain the group shared stories and took photographs.
Brittany took the gathering as an opportunity to produce a series of large format portraits.  Shooting in black and white 4×5″ film, Brittany’s goal was to document each person that she met and spent time with, showing off their personalities in an honest and intimate portrait.  You can view the rest of Brittany’s work on her facebook page.


Above photos by Brittany Juravich