As high street in Canterbury starts to be decorated for Christmas and my time here at Canterbury is ending I am looking back and thinking about all the friends and memories I have made here. This really has been my home for the past three months and it is a bittersweet feeling to leave. I am excited to see my family and enjoy Christmas with them but will miss the family I have made here. These past three months have been the most exciting and amazing months of my life. I have traveled to four different countries and planned all the trips out on my own. It has given me a new sense of independence and confidence in myself that I did not know I could have.

This experience really does teach you about yourself and what you want from the world. Seeing all the other cultures and countries that I have traveled to shows how other people live throughout the world and it really opens your eyes. This is one experience I will remember for the rest of my life and am so happy that I did this. It is going to be hard to leave but I am ready to see my family and tell them all about my great experiences.

Written by: Shalyn Tilley, biology junior