Each year the Annual Student Run Fashion Show adopts a theme and name that embodies how the show will be presented. This year’s theme, Rainforest, was voted on last spring by students in the fashion department. This year’s name, the 46th Annual Fashion Show: Untamed, was chosen in the fall by the senior capstone class presenting the show.
The logo for this year’s show was created by Emily Gahan, ’20 a graphic design major at Cazenovia. Gahan worked with closely with the communications department and fashion department to ensure the logo represented the theme for this year’s show.
This year’s theme, Rainforest, is a change in pace for the fashion show. Fashion Eclipse and Masquerade, the themes prior to this year, were elegant and moody with a wonder of the unknown. Instead this year is providing a fierce, vibrant and wild new look at how to present fashion.
Rainforests contain over half of the world’s animal species and contain some of the oldest living ecosystems. They are an untamable force of nature with layers of varied walks of wildlife. Fashion too, has many layers and is a large industry with many aspects.
Women make up a majority of the retail shoppers, spending three times that of men. They also dominate fashion institutions and entry level positions. Why is it then, that when looking up the ladder to executive jobs, the number of women decreases? This disparity and reflection of society as a whole, does not align with the inclusivity the industry claims to want.
The Fashion Promotion and capstone class is entirely female. Not too crazy if you consider the ratio of women to men at Cazenovia. It also mirrors the fashion departments of many other colleges. This woman-run fashion show chose a theme, Rainforest, and name Untamed, maybe not thinking of the implications of gender equality in society, but it is hard to ignore where the fashion industry is going and how the two might relate.
The fashion show is always an exciting experience for students who put forth a great amount of energy and effort to produce a well-run show. It is only fitting then, that this year’s theme is Untamed. After all, what is better than a group of fierce women. Fashion forward, untamed and ready to take on the jungle that is the world.
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Also, be sure to save the date! The 46th Annual Cazenovia College Fashion show will be held on Friday, April 27, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Landmark Theatre. More information to come soon!