On Thursday, March 30, 2017, the Fashion Show Production class visited the historic Landmark Theatre, the venue for the 44th Annual Cazenovia Fashion Show: Modern Masquerade. The Landmark Theatre has been Cazenovia's Fashion Show venue for three years. The Landmark is rich with history and boasts a splendor that is unique to its 1920's origin. The theatre works very well with this year's fashion show theme of Modern Masquerade by bringing in an element of elegance and grandeur.

While visiting the Landmark, the Production team, led by Ezmira Neshawait, Rachel Case, Kayla Hummel and Katelyn Gorczynski, discussed the more technical aspects of the show with Visual Technologies. Visual Technologies is an audio-visual company from Syracuse that helps stage the Annual Fashion Show. The company has been working the fashion show for over a decade now. Some of the things discussed included camera angles and views, how and where the live feed will be streamed during the event, and the music for before and during the show.

The Model Merchandising team, along with the rest of the class, was show the dressing rooms that the senior designers and underclassmen garment models will use. The entire class was then given a tour of the rest of the theatre and looked at the VIP reception location and the audience balcony seating. While talking to Visual Technologies the class was located on stage and got an idea of what to expect during the show.

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