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Have you ever been a part of a team? There are many different viewpoints that need to be considered when making decisions.
As a team (seniors and some underclassmen) take on the role of forming teams to put on the annual fashion show. These teams have taught us how to work together and consider many different ideas. We learned, you cannot plan an entire fashion show alone. It takes many people!
The Annual Student Fashion Show at Cazenovia College is planned by a large group of fashion and business students, with help from other departments and the community. With so many people involved, our professors schedule an update every Monday. Each student presents different fashions show ideas that they think would help to present a successful show, and then each idea is explained in class.
The students are split up into different teams, including a team for marketing, model/merchandising, reception and finance, and production. In class this week, we are all coming together to share a recap of what is currently going on in each group and what we plan to accomplish as the show blossoms.
Here is a little inside scoop on what you can anticipate for the groups to achieve before the show…
Reception and Finance Team
The Reception and Finance Team is responsible for planning the reception with Admissions and organizing the financial aspects of the show. The inspiration for the reception comes from an event that many of the students worked at for Make a Wish, which was called Night Under the Stars. From the students’ experience, they wanted to highlight the moon aspect of Fashion Eclipse. The theme will be emphasized with dangly stars/moons and balloon arrangements. Also, will be a moon on one wall and Christmas lights cascading down the walls of the venue. The centerpieces are still being discussed; however, they would like to use wine bottles and cover them with glitter or wrap them with battery-powered lights. Also, there will be moon and star confetti on the tables. The next steps for the Reception and Finance Team is to plan what will go in the VIP goodie bags and to find a band for the reception.
Model/Merchandise Team
The Model/Merchandise Team is responsible for the models that will be wearing designs from underclassmen in the fashion show. The team chooses the models, holds modeling practices, picks out accessories, and does the hair and make-up for the show. Currently, the primary focus of the team is getting the word out about model auditions. (If you are interested, model auditions will be held on Friday, March 2 and Wednesday, March 7. Contact one of the fashion seniors for more information!) The team is currently brainstorming hair and makeup ideas. For the hair, they want to style with mainly braids and buns with glitter. For the makeup, they will be using glitter or stars on the cheekbones. Each model's hair and makeup will reflect the segment that they are in. (The team is looking for volunteers to help with hair and makeup. If you are interested, reach out to one of the fashion seniors for more details!)
Production Team
The Production Team is responsible for the runway, what is displayed on the screens, and the music played during the show. The team also works with a company called VisTech, who is hired to do the videography and sound at the fashion show. The team plans to work with VisTech to see if having mirrors on the stage is an option for this year. The shape of the runway will be a U-shape with tape lights along the border. As the first model of every segment enters the runway the lights will come up, hitting the model to stress the significance of the next moon phase.
Marketing Team
The Marketing Team is promoting the event through many different avenues. The team’s next task is to schedule the photo shoot. Every year, a mass e-mail is sent to all Cazenovia College students in hopes of finding models to fit the theme. The photos are taken by photography students and used for promotional materials. The team is also in the process of planning fundraising ideas and getting involved with our social media accounts. (Please follow us if you don't already!)
Stay tuned in finding out the upcoming aspects of Fashion Eclipse. There are numerous activities and events that we need you, the student body, to be a part of!