Are you interested in fresh fashion? Well you came to right place. For our first post this year, we would like to share the latest and greatest updates about the 45th Annual Cazenovia College Fashion Show. The theme of this year's show is "Fashion Eclipse".

In the Fashion Promotion class there are 30 students, consisting of four teams, who meet three times a week to prepare for the annual fashion show. The students are split up into teams to run marketing, production, mode/merchandising, and finance.

The role of the marketing team is to organize fundraisers to support the show, schedule photo shoots for promotional materials, sell tickets, and run the social media accounts. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, as well as the College's Fashion Show Insight blog.

Now, back to the theme. What do you think of when you hear "Fashion Eclipse"? Are you thinking about the sun and the moon? If so, you are pretty close. You definitely have the right idea. Our main priority is to take the audience on a journey through outer space in the matter of an hour-long show. The main points that we have decided will represent the theme the best are:
     - Phases of the moon
     - Solar eclipse
     - Stars/constellations
     - Galaxy/intergalactic
     - Zodiac

Phases of the moon
From Earth we see the moon in different phases because of the way light from the sun is shining on it. As the Earth is moving in its orbit, the moon and sun are too. All we see is a view of the moon in various directions. We plan to incorporate each phase starting with the new moon and finishing with the waning crescent as the garments are released to the runway.

Solar eclipse
A solar eclipse is when the moon directly aligns with the Sun and Earth. This is only able to happen in the phase of new moon. The moon blocks the sun from hitting Earth. We wanted to create a part of the show for the solar eclipse because of how the darkness of the moon covering the sun creates a ring of brightness around it.

Constellations are various star patterns or outlines that have a meaning behind every one of them. We thought it would be a good idea to use constellations to help our followers understand the show's atmosphere. Like the constellations, our designers each have meanings behind their individual collections.

The stars and the dark (but vibrant colors) are the main emphasis of this subject matter. A galaxy can be in different locations throughout outer space. The galaxy uses a gravitational pull to gather trillions of stars and dust into an orbit. The galaxy symbolizes how the senior designers are going to combine their unique garments together in an orbit that appealing to the audience.

We also wanted to incorporate the zodiac signs. Each sign represents a period of time, in which people were born. For example, a Pisces is born between February 18 - March 20. Each sign has opposing characteristics, much like our designers. Every garment that is shown on the runway will be completely diverse and exclusive to each designer's personality. 

Tune into our blog for more exclusive details of the 45th Annual Cazenovia College Fashion Show and the Fashion Eclipse...