Gail Boone, M.S. Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Mindfulness has been a part of my life for well over a decade. I committed to practicing meditation and living a life of mindful thought at a time in my life when it became imperative that I explore more positive and healthier mindsets and thought patterns. There was a time when I found, stemming from my life circumstances, that I was angry, unhappy, negative, and upset with myself for feeling all of the above! I knew I had to find a better way to live so I could be a better parent and a better human being.

After attending many mindfulness training sessions, conferences, and online classes and noticing a significant change in my life and my understanding and ability to shift my thinking, I began to share what I have learned and benefited from through training school district staff, faculty, community members, and students.  I have helped other individuals wanting to bring mindful practices to their organizations and medical practices!  I am currently working towards a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and look forward to sharing the simplicity and beauty of mindfulness and meditation practices with you.
More than anything mindfulness is about self-awareness.  Mindfulness embodies two additional aspects of focus. No one falls into a mindful practice by accident. There is an understanding that life needs, in addition to self-awareness, a growing need for greater attention to life and the noticing of our intention, and a need for kindness and compassion. Together the three pillars of focus: self-awareness, attention, and kindness build a framework for the practice of mindfulness
Although there is nothing mystical about it, I often say, “mindfulness is magic” because of the amazing effect it can have on our ability to take notice of our thoughts, words, actions, and intentions and change them for the better. In reality, there is nothing magic about it!  
There are three aspects in our lives that work in connection to each other; our mind (thoughts), our body (brain), and our relationships. 

Meditation and mindfulness practices allow us to fully integrate and strengthen the connection of these three aspects of ourselves that can sometimes disconnect and cause us distress Through strengthening aspects of ourselves and our lives by taking notice of our reactions to life events, the compassion we show ourselves, the stresses and anxieties we have, the gratitude we feel, our ability to be resilient, and more ...we can begin to alleviate the pressures we put on ourselves and let go of the worrying and the ruminating and the reliving of what we don’t want and start noticing and integrating the influences that we do want in our lives.  When we focus our attention on making these changes in our lives, we strengthen our ability to access a mindful mindset in all aspects of our lives more readily. 

Come with me on an adventure in simple meditations, mindful discussions in self exploration and self-awareness, and most of all hope, so that we might have happier and more meaningful lives!
Will mindfulness allow us to better handle the hectic and hurtful parts of our lives? Often yes – but it will also help you discover and appreciate the best and most beneficial parts about your life and yourself! These mindfulness sessions are for anyone with open curiosity!  There are activities I share to help us in our self-reflection. As far as meditation - It does not matter if you have meditated for years or never tried to meditate. All you have to do - is know how to breathe!

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