Crime Prevention & Safety

Crimes require both the desire by the offender to commit the crime and the opportunity to do so.  None of us can do anything about the first but we can all reduce opportunity by following basic rules of personal safety:
  • Immediately report any maintenance deficiencies that may compromise building security to your Resident Advisor or to Campus Services.
  • Never prop open doors to residence halls, even for a short period of time.
  • Never allow building access to someone you do not know.  If they claim to be visiting a resident of the building, have them call that person for access. 
  • Never open your door to strangers.  Use the door’s peephole, if available, and request identification of anyone not known to you.
  • Never loan your door key to anyone.
  • Always lock your room door when you are alone or leave, even if you are gone for only a short time.
  • Never leave valuables visible either in your car or your room, especially a first floor room. 
  • First floor rooms, especially, should have the curtains drawn and windows closed when you are not there and it is also a good idea to leave a small light on.  Close windows and curtains at night.
  • Become familiar with the location of fire extinguishers and fire exits near your room.
  • Whenever practical, walk with others, especially at night.  At night walk in well-lit areas.  If you must walk alone or are in fear, please take advantage of our walking escort service by calling or texting the Campus Safety cell phone at 315-374-2693, or calling Ext. 7555.  This service is offered between campus buildings or between the parking lots and your residence hall.
  • Record brand name, description, and serial numbers of all your valuables and keep this record in a safe place in the event you are the victim of a crime. 
  • Record the description of suspicious persons.  Do not attempt to question or restrain them yourself, but notify Campus Safety immediately.
  • Always lock your vehicle when it is left unattended. 
  • Have your keys ready before you approach your vehicle and check the back seat before entering it.
  • Upon entering your vehicle, immediately lock all doors.
  • Value your safety and the safety of others.
  • Wear bright or reflective clothing when you are running or biking at night.
  • Do not wear headphones or any other device, which might restrict your ability to see or hear what is happening around you.
  • If you become involved in a dangerous situation, escape should be your primary objective.  
Most importantly, immediately report any suspicious incidents, suspicious persons, crimes, or attempted crimes to Campus Safety at 315-374-2693 (Ext. 7555) or to the local Police (call 9-1-1).  It is the desire of all of us here at Campus Safety that each of you remains safe from both crime and the fear of crime during your stay at Cazenovia College.  If you follow these simple rules you can reduce the likelihood that you will become a victim of a crime.  With your help we here at Campus Safety will do our best to ensure that safety.