All officers receive training in handling emergency situations. In case of an emergency, 315-374-2693 or Ext. 7555 from a campus phone or 911.

Safety Escorts
Safety escorts are provided upon request to members of the campus community who are walking between any campus locations.

Emergency Call-Boxes
The Emergency Call-Box System is a series of boxes strategically located throughout campus to provide assistance to anyone in distress. When the call-buttons are depressed, they automatically dial into the Campus Safety Department and provide Campus Safety with the location of the call. Additionally, courtesy telephones are located outside the main entrance to each residence hall. These provide telephone access for both emergency and non-emergency contact to any campus extension.

Motor Vehicle Assistance
The Campus Safety Department will assist motorists on campus with disabled vehicles by providing battery jump starts.

T.I.P.S. Line
A Taking Interest in your Personal Safety phone line (Ext. 7600) is available to allow members of the campus community to anonymously report incidents that affect the quality of life on campus.  All information left on the T.I.P.S. line is confidential. Information that helps to identify the date, time, location and individuals involved in an incident that was witnessed would be appreciated. You can remain anonymous, or if you wish, leave your name and phone number so that a representative of Campus Safety may contact you.

Lost and Found
The Campus Safety Department and Campus Services maintain a lost-and-found service. If you find any property, take it to the Campus Safety Department Office or Campus Services. If you have lost any property, contact either department to determine if it has been turned in. Members of the campus community may submit notice of items lost or found using the online form available on myCaz.

Visitor and Visitor’s Vehicle Registration
All visitors to campus, and their vehicles, are required to register with either Campus Safety, or in the case of a student’s visitors, with the residence hall office where the student resides. Visitors and outside service providers who will be moving about campus unescorted are required to wear a Visitor Pass at all times. The pass may be obtained at the Campus Safety office.

Personal Safety
Students are provided with training opportunities and safety tips in the areas of personal safety and sexual assault avoidance. In addition, security alerts are e-mailed to all students and staff whenever any information is received that may have an effect on their safety or feeling of safety.