The CazCard is a multi-functional Campus ID card. It is the official photo ID of Cazenovia College for students, faculty and staff. The CazCard provides for:

Services Information
Identification Verification of identity on campus and the campus community.
Meal Plan Your CazCard allows students to access their meal plan account in the Dining Hall. Students must present their CazCard to enter the Dining Hall.
Debit Account As a Debit Card, your CazCard allows to make purchases in the Dining Hall, the Bookstore and participating off campus merchants.

Dining Dollars are per semester and do not roll over semester to semester, or year to year. Dining Dollars is a declining balance account that is included with your meal plan; the amount varies per plan:
Gold Meal Plan: $200
Blue Meal Plan: $75
Commuter Meal Plan: $25

CazCash is a prepaid declining debit account accessed with your college ID. There are no account fees and it is free once you have obtained your card.
Building Access Provides building access to some campus buildings. Students are required to swipe their card to access Residence Halls.
Library Card Your CazCard is your library card and must be presented to check out materials from Witherill Library.



All of these services are provided through the CazCard. You can choose to participate in some, all, or none of the optional programs.



Instructions on how to obtain your card will be provided to you when you arrive on campus.

Questions about changing or cost of meal plans?
Please contact the Bursar's Office by e-mail:

Questions about meals?
Please contact Dining, Conference and Catering Services Department at 315-655-7115

Questions about CazCash?
Please contact the Business Office at 315-655-7305

Please view our FAQs page for more information.